Your January Tarot-scope is Here!

Emma Westbrook is a practicing witch and intuitive tarot reader. She has been following the religion of Wicca for five years, and has been reading divination cards for seven years. She creates her own tinctures, oil and herbal blends, spells, and meditations. She also works with crystals, moon phases, and seasons to connect and manifest with the natural flow of the universe. Emma writes a biweekly column on magic, as well as monthly tarot-scopes (tarot + horoscopes) for Blush online. Message her on personal Instagram (@emmawest.brook) or her business Instagram (@weaving.witch) for personalized readings, magical products, and other inquiries.

A tarot-scope combines the ancient art of tarot and astrology to provide guidance and self-reflection for each astrological sun sign.


Image by Emma Westbrook

♑️ Capricorn

Happy New Year and Solar Return, Capricorns! Your card is The Wheel of Fortune. Changes will be surrounding you this month. The wheel is in motion, pushing the old energy out, and bringing the new in. This month is like a rush of refreshing cool air. You are used to taking charge, Capricorn. Try to allow yourself to take a step back and see what the universe has in mind for you. Be open, be ready, and you shall be fortunate! 

♒️ Aquarius

Welcome to 2020, Aquarius! Your card for this month is The Nine of Cups. Last month was difficult for you with The Five of Wands. You were releasing all of your animosity before the year was over. Now that we are in the new decade, we have a fresh perspective! We are open to new opportunities and ready to manifest. What is it that you truly desire? The Nine of Cups is the wish card! Whatever you want, you can have, but you must figure out what exactly that is first!

♓️ Pisces

Happy New Year, Pisces! You card of the month is The Five of Cups. This month might be a little bit challenging for you. Try to focus on the positive, even if the negative seems more prominent. Remember, our mindset is indicative of our lifestyle. When were feeling down, gratitude is a wonderful tool to help us through.


♈️ Aries

Welcome to the new year, rambunctious ram! Your card of the month is The Eight of Cups. This month you are making some major changes. You are finally leaving a project behind that you’ve been working on for a while. Wrapping up this situation will allow you to bring in what you truly need to feel fulfilled. Be open to any new opportunities! 

♉️ Taurus

Happy New Year, bull babes! Your card is The Two of Pentacles. This month is all about balance for you. Your attention will be called in your love life, family life, career sector, and spirituality. Try to be present with all realms of yourself. Give equal time to all the areas of your life. When you feel overwhelmed, take some moments to breathe deep and mediate.

♊️ Gemini

Welcome to 2020, Gemini! Your card this month is Judgement. This year is the rebirth you have been craving. You are finally moving towards a different chapter. You are level-ing up and reaching higher potentials. Understand that rebirth can be a little unpleasant. Try to stay calm during this transformative period, it is all for the greater good.

♋️ Cancer

Welcome to 2020, caring crabs! Your card of the month is The Moon. This month will be a time of rest for you. You’ll be doing a lot of reflecting and looking into your subconscious. This month is a perfect time to strengthen your intuition and connect to the lunar side of yourself. Try to look at the lessons you learned last year and see if they help you understand what your new decade will look like. 


♌️ Leo

Happy New Year, little lions! Your card for this month is The Five of Swords. This month you will be finally putting a long battle to rest. You have the strength to keep fighting, but you simply do not want to. This year you’ll be focusing your energy on what truly matters to you. Which is your happiness. Ending an altercation does not make you weak, it puts you in charge.


♍️ Virgo

Happy New Year, Virgo! Your card is The Six of Wands. You are moving forward and feeling good. This new start has you feeling like you can achieve anything. You are feeling victorious and confident, try and keep this energy for all of 2020. The more sure you are of yourself, the more you attract.


♎️ Libra

Welcome to 2020, Libras! Your card for this month is The Tower. This month, something that has been there for you for a while, may no longer be. Understand that the universe is riding you of what no longer serves you and your greater purpose. Do not fear change, allow it to invigorate you. This will be fast. If you need to feel grounded, try working with a smokey quartz crystal. This lets you release anxiety while invoking protection.


♏️ Scorpio

Happy New Year,  my sweet Scorpions! Your card this month is The Fool. This is a wonderful place to be. The Fool is the very first card of the Tarot. He represents new beginnings and the start of a long and fulfilling journey. Since we are at the start of a new decade, this is a great time to be with the energy of The Fool. Just be wary when opening up to all of the new. Sometimes we forget our baggage when we are distracted by new energy, make sure you acknowledge our past and the lessons we have been taught as we move on.

♐️ Sagittarius

Happy New Year, sweet Sagittarius! Your card for January is The Emperor. You are taking charge this month. You know what you want and what you don’t for the new year. This month for you is about making plans to make that happen. You are in control of your own future! What do you desire?