Kidz on The Internet Editorial
Kidz On The Internet Editorial

Trashion is defined as, “a term used for fashion items and objects which are created from used, thrown-out and recycled elements.” Created in New Zealand in 2004, the idea is resurfacing amongst…

Zara Rafia body bag
The Five Best Bags for Your Spring OOTD’s

Springtime fashion is filled with bright yellows, florals, lace and of course, cute accessories. But… what will you accessorize with? Necklaces are typical, and bracelets are boring… but a cute bag will…

blue hair clips in blonde hair
5 Fashion Trends for Spring

Warm weather is almost here, and with that means shopping for new clothes. This year, spring is filled with light, pastel yellows, pinks, blues and purples. When stocking up on shorts, t-shirts,…

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