Yes, Body Masks Are a Thing

It’s finally fall in New York. This means bringing the turtlenecks, warm drinks and cozy playlists out of seasonal retirement. But if there’s one thing that we aren’t as happy to embrace, it’s the chilly temperatures—a walk down the street can’t go without wind-tangled hair or a quick chapstick application. On a more serious note, the drop in temperature signals a skincare alert. As seen in Allure, seasonal transition, and the lifestyle changes that come with it, can cause irritation, inflammation, redness, and dryness, leaving skin worn and craving hydration.

Body mask on skin

When upgrading your skincare collection, face products are probably the first choice. We don’t blame you—who can resist a rich moisturizer or lip scrub? But did you ever think of a sheet mask for your feet or an all-body exfoliator? Yes, body masks exist. Although the efforts to stay warm under layers are high, the skin on your body can be just as affected by the wind. And since skin is the largest organ, creating an all-over body regimen will keep your skin happy during those barren months.

Leg body maskIf the idea of a body mask is still unfamiliar, it may be reassuring to know they are just like face masks. They may actually do more than you think. Masks can be applied to most parts of the body from the more expected neck, hands, legs, and feet to (wait for it) cleavage, butt and vulva. And with a variety of formulas to choose from—sheets, scrubs and clay to more-wearable forms like cups, socks or gloves— they can exfoliate, hydrate, firm (yes, some promise to tone muscles), fade stretch marks or reduce inflammation. This isn’t the limit—if there’s a skin care concern on your body, there’s likely a mask to cater to it.

So as we near the colder months, know that layering in your favorite corduroy pants and knit sweater can only do so much. As you add products to you beauty cart, keep in mind that your body needs some extra skincare love, too.

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