Will Kim Kardashian Run For President?

As if Trump winning the presidential election wasn’t enough, now Kim Kardashian is contemplating the same thing – sort of. After Kim Kardashian’s visit to the Oval Office, many people wondered if it was the foreshadowing of future events, or merely a brief visit. If Trump proved anything, it’s that celebrity status and cash can buy power. Given Hillary Clinton’s efforts in the presidential race, I don’t think people would be as hesitant about electing Kim Kardashian as the first female President.

Despite the speculation surrounding the true intention of the Kardashian’s visit, her goal was actually quite clear: to advocate for the release of the 63-year-old, nonviolent drug offender, Alice Johnson. This act of charity is part of a new philanthropic initiative that the Kardashian has recently begun pushing. The achievement that accompanied her presidential visit has only inspired her to continue with her efforts in helping incarcerated women and women of color.

Even though Kardashian’s visit was not to discuss future presidential plans, Van Jones did not hold back from bringing up these possibilities when sitting down with the celebrity during an episode of The Van Jones Show. Her response, “never say never”. While this may scare many readers out there, don’t fret – although the celebrity did not rule out the idea, she did not seem so keen on it either. Hopefully, Kardashian’s developing interest in politics will simply push her to transform her platform into one geared towards change, instead of leading to our second celebrity president in a row. Either way, one thing is for sure – it is refreshing and encouraging to see a celebrity who holds such a large influence over people to be wielding her power for good.

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