Vine Finally Shut Down by Competitors

By Nicolette DeStefano

Social media app Vine, owned by Twitter, is unfortunately being shut down due to the company’s struggle with profits. Vine is famously known for the most popular six-second videos all over the world. User’s comical small clips were posted on every network possible, creating a widespread image. Not only was it a place to be ridiculous, it is also responsible for creating celebrities such as Shawn Mendes.

Due to Twitter’s poor financial stability, they are laying off a whopping 350 employees, nine percent of their workforce. Vine was primarily cut because the company was not making profits from it, which means they didn’t have the money to keep their staff around. Along with profits, Twitter has been struggling to find a buyer. Now Twitter isn’t going bankrupt, but their stock has reached an all time low at $17 billion. Seventeen billion might sound like a lot, but this social network used to be worth $31billion when it first went public.

This is just one reason why Twitter is discontinuing Vine. Vine couldn’t keep up with fellow leading competitors such as Snapchat and Instagram. Back in 2013, Vine took a toll when Instagram added a new feature to the app to create 15 second videos. Vine stars wanted more time for their hilarious masterpieces, which led them to start posting on Instagram instead of Vine. Instagram instantly shot down Vine when its users realized Instagram offered everything in one place, which caused Vine to dwindle.


Vine owes a huge thanks to the stars that made it big by producing hundred and thousands of loops on their videos. It’s stars were what made it so successful, and their viewers loved the work they created. Vine made it easy to watch and find funny clips to share with friends or family, and as you viewed the same videos over and over again, you became hooked with certain accounts. For example, famous vine star Lele Pons is one of the most upped person vine, with 11.1 million followers and 8.4 billion loops on her clips. Vine made it easy for ordinary people to become instant celebrities. Once these people hit the spotlight, they soon realized they no longer needed the app to continue their fame.

Vine stars began to jump the ship when other apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube offered a more profitable platform. These startup celebrities could recreate the same kind of content, with a much more larger audience. It also just so happens that YouTube is notorious for its videos to flourish, which means bigger and greater opportunities. Creating videos on a larger scale with larger audiences meant that these young stars could make more profit. Unfortunately, Vine without it’s celebrities meant that there was no one to bring in viewers or advertisers.


Due to Vines clips being so short, advertisers never found interest in utilizing the app to promote products. It may have been plausible to its users, but it never was a great way for the company to spend its popularity without advertisements. Soon, advertisers and marketers gave up on the app since it wasn’t a strong advertising model. This lead for them to look elsewhere, elsewhere meaning Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.In other words, Vine brought no money in for Twitter.

Back in 2013 when the app was first created, it was always on the top of the chartist the iOs store. Over and over again, it was ranked for one of the top five in the entertainment apps, and overall part of the top 50 popular apps. Today, Vine stands somewhere in the 200’s for all time favorite apps, and barely even makes it in the top 20 for video and photo apps. There is some good news though, Vine is not deleting it’s famous clips anytime soon. You can download these videos to keep them forever. So for now, we are still able to watch our favorite Vines on loop for a little longer.

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