VMA Red Carpet Review with My Fashion Amateur Boyfriend

The 37th annual MTV Video Music Awards, hosted by Keke Palmer, was quite different this year considering the ongoing pandemic. While not being held at the usual venue, the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, performances were scattered across outdoor venues in NYC. This awards show has a reputation for bold, eye-catching fashion and the celebrities did not disappoint. From Hudson Yards to the Skyline Drive-in, these stars SHONE in incredible looks at one of the most memorable VMA’s in history. In honor of this, my soccer player boyfriend, Daniel (emphasis on the lack of fashion knowledge) is going to help me review the VMA looks that stood out to us the most. As YouTuber Denzel Dion would say “I said what I said. I meant what I said & I said what I meant.” 


1) Miley Cyrus in Mugler 

Miley Cyrus VMAs
Miley Cyrus at the VMAs wearing a sheer and glittering Mugler floor-length shift dress. Image Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

Eladia: I love this look so much, it’s one of my favorite looks she has worn yet. It makes the right amount of statement with the mesh and detailing—yet is simple while being all black. Even though it is completely sheer, the sleeves and length balance it out. The red lip really pulls the whole look together.


Daniel: It suits her style. Personally I don’t like how see-through the dress is, but that’s just her vibe.


2) The Weeknd

The Weeknd VMAs
The Weekend at the VMAs wearing a red suit and special effects makeup. Image Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

Eladia: I had a feeling he was going to wear this, since he’s been wearing it for most of his performances since he dropped After Hours. Regardless, I love it. The red coat and bloody nose capture the essence of his album, and the all-black under the jacket with the gloves look very sleek. 


Daniel: Oh… that’s FIRE. It’s the Weeknd, man. It’s like what he’s been wearing in his music videos.


3) Sofia Carson in Cong Tri

Sofia Carson VMAs
Sofia Carson in a red one-shoulder gown with gathering and a train. Image credit: Harper’s Bazaar

Eladia: I’m really not a fan of this look at all. Her makeup looks beautiful, but the dress does not suit the VMA’s at all. The dress seems quite mature for her age, and I don’t like the huge ruffle in the center of the dress.


Daniel: Uhhh… This is just horrible. Horrible.


4) Bella Hadid in Nensi Dojak

Bella Hadid VMAs
Bella Hadid wearing a vampy sheer bodysuit and trousers at the VMAs. Image Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

Eladia: I love this look for Bella, she killed it. It fits her style beautifully. I love the layering, and the mesh sleeves like Miley’s. Her signature high pony and big hoops are paired beautifully with this outfit.


Daniel: I don’t like the layers, too all over the place. I don’t understand the stockings with the sandals… I don’t get it. I just don’t understand it.


5) Machine Gun Kelly in Berluti

Machine Gun Kelly VMAs
Machine Gun Kelly wearing an all-pink suit from Berluti at the VMAs. Image credit: Esquire

Eladia: Machine Gun Kelly looks amazing in this monochromatic outfit. The bold pink is a perfect statement color, and looks beautiful against his sleeve of tattoos. The pearl choker adds a really nice touch of detail so the look isn’t too bland.


Daniel: I don’t like that it’s one bold color, if there was a white top it would look a lot better in my opinion.


6) Doja Cat in Versace, Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, and Ofira rings 

Doja Cat VMAs
Doja Cat wearing a pink Versace mini dress. Image credit: The WhitePost

Eladia: There’s wayyyy too much going on. For starters, I don’t like how the fabric is a shimmery material with that much detailing and fringe on top of it. If it was a solid color base, everything else would look better, and it would look less messy. Also, I don’t like the long necklace with the low neckline. Again, if the necklace was shorter, it would look less messy. 


Daniel: The material looks like fish scales. I do like her necklace though.


7) Joey King in Versace

Joey King VMAs
Joey King in a red and green, floral print, bodycon Versace dress. Image Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

Eladia: In the past, I haven’t been a fan of Joey’s looks. But I have to admit, she killed it in this dress. I would’ve never thought to pair those colors together, but it makes for a beautiful late summer/fall floral and it fits her body like a glove. The gold chains complete it really beautifully, and her hair and makeup look great.


Daniel: It’s nice, I like the colors. It fits her well, but I’m not a fan of the chain.


8) Madison Beer in Mugler and Stuart Weitzman

Madison Beer VMAS
Madison Beer at the VMAs wearing Mugler. Image credit: Madison Beer

Eladia: The sleeves on this dress are to die for. They upgraded a simple mesh LBD to a full on LOOK. It’s the perfect combination of dramatic and simple which I love. It reminds me of Bella Hadid’s look, but kind of a “mini dress” version. Between Madison, Bella, and Miley’s looks it seems like long black sleeves are going to be a hit this season.


Daniel: If you’re gonna wear a short dress, what is the point of wearing those long sleeves? I like the dress but not the sleeves.


9) Maluma in Versace

Maluma VMAS
Maluma in a black Versace outfit at the VMAs. Image Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

Eladia: I love this sleek, all-black look. The gold Versace pattern on the side of the pants, with the gold buttons on the satin blazer adds the perfect amount of detail without being too much. The gold jewelry pair very nicely with those details as well.


Daniel: I think he looks really fire. I love that jacket.


10) Lady Gaga: Green “Baja Blast” Silk Gown by Christopher John Rogers, Silver Dress by Area

Lady Gaga VMAs
Lady Gaga at the VMAs in her silver Area Dress. Image Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

Eladia: All her looks at the VMA’s were stunning. From the huge green ballgown to this aluminum-esque zip up dress, Gaga knows how to make a statement. Her creativity is through the roof, and I especially love how she incorporates coronavirus safety, like with her fishbowl shield and extravagant masks. 20/10 for Lady Gaga.


Daniel: I really liked the long green dress, it looked nice and the color was fire. For the tin foil dress, I think it’s horrible for a regular outfit, but since Lady Gaga is known for being bold, it works on her.


11) Bebe Rhexa

Bebe Rexha VMAs
Bebe Rhexa at the VMAs wearing all black. Image credit: Popsugar UK

Eladia: I loved the upper half of her outfit which included her hair, makeup, and leather blazer. I wish she paired the blazer with a leather skirt or pants; The biker shorts really dragged down the complete look. She was on the right track, but it wasn’t a home run for me.


Daniel: I really like the leather jacket, but I agree. She should’ve worn leather bottoms to complete the look. It doesn’t look right with those pants.


12) Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith VMAS
Jaden Smith at the VMAs. Image credit: Popsugar

Eladia: Jaden Smith is an absolute fashion icon overall, which is why like Bella’s outfit—if anyone else were wearing these looks, they wouldn’t pull them off as well. With that said, I love the jacket but I wish it was paired with leather pants or trousers for a more dressy feel.


Daniel: I like it, but the sleeves on the jacket are too short for my taste.


13) Keke Palmer in Area

keke palmer VMA's
Keke Palmer in Area behind the scenes of the VMAs. Image credit: Harper’s Bazaar


Eladia: Keke Palmer looked stunning in this mint green cupcake dress. It cut in the right places, and the diamond detailing was in the right spots as well adding just enough sparkle. I’m typically not a fan of bows, but she looked really cute and the hair pulled it together. She kind of gave me Katy Perry “California Girl” vibes.


Daniel: It’s a really nice dress. The mint green color is one of my favorites, and I like the diamonds.


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