Urban Decay’s New Troublemaker Mascara Marketed as ‘Sex-Proof’

Start stirring up trouble because Urban Decay’s new Troublemaker Mascara will be dropping in stores and online September 5th!

People who want to try a mascara that claims “to outlast hot and heavy situations to still look good in the morning” will be able to purchase the product at Sephora, Ulta and Urban Decay’s main website for $24. The highly anticipated mascara was first introduced on Co-Founder Wende Zomnir’s Instagram page with the caption “Sneak peek from the beach! Troublemaker Mascara coming this Fall.” Since then, Urban Decay and Zomnir have been dropping more previews as well as details about their new ‘sex-proof’ mascara that is leaving everyone excited to get a taste of trouble themselves.

The idea for Troublemaker Mascara came from Zomnir herself. “When I started in the makeup business no one was doing crazy wild colors,” says Zomnir in Urban Decay’s Youtube reveal of the mascara. “I wanted to kick down the cosmetic department stores doors with this crazy Urban Decay brand because for me makeup has always been about troublemaking.”


Mascara is the number one makeup product to complete any type of eye look, but unless that mascara is waterproof, it melts away throughout the day. Troublemaker Mascara has promised lashes that are long, full, and super sexy. The combination of hollow silica and ultralight fibers provides volume without weighing down your lashes. Polymers help the long-wear mascara adhere to your lashes with a result of no flaking, smearing, or smudging.

Troublemaker Mascara is a great addition to the makeup world because it can be used by anyone for any occasion, with no need to reapply throughout the day. Remember, like Zomnir says, “the more trouble the better.”

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