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Sally Hansen X MP Nails Collaborate on 90’s Inspired Nail Polish

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Nail Polish brand Sally Hansen has partnered with celebrity manicurist Madeline Poole to create 6 bold 90’s inspired nail colors. Poole is known for her graphic nail designs and use of saturated color, pulling from her earliest memories of abundant bright colors from the 80’s and 90’s. The shade names MP came up with are as unique and fitting as the shades themselves, with names like “Slime Scene”( a neon chartreuse,) “Say it Lycra Mean it” (a vibrant orange red,) and “Mallratz” (a deep forest green.) All 8 polishes will be available later this month and will retail for $8 a pop.

KKW Beauty Teases “Inclusive” Concealers

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KKW Beauty has teased their upcoming concealer launch with an inclusive marketing campaign, reminiscent of Fenty Beauty. While the imagery surrounding the launch paints a diverse picture, the concealers will only come in 16 shades (as compared to Kylie’s 30 concealer shades and Fenty’s 40 foundation shades.) While the shade range leaves more to be desired, the campaign features Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner, and Kim’s grandma, M.J, to convey that beauty is ageless. The concealer formula also contains anti-aging ingredients such as ceramides and marine collagen. This launch will be available March 23rd, and will include 16 liquid concealers, 4 brightening powders and 4 baking powders.

Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Are Back

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Ulta announces 21 Days of Beauty, their semi-annual 21 full days of sales. The sales begin March 18th and will last through April 7th, with 1 or 2 beauty products on sale (as much as 50% off) per day. With a variety of brands on products being discounted every day, be sure to check your inbox daily to see what deals Ulta is offering.

Glossier X Rhea’s Cafe Launches in San Francisco

Glossier launched a collaborative pop up shop with Rhea’s Cafe in San Francisco, expanding their prevalent San Fran fan base to include foodies. Glossier at Rhea’s will be serving Rhea’s best selling sandwiches alongside Glossier’s best selling beauty products for the next month. Guests can try out and purchase Glossier’s full range of products in the #glossierpink redesigned restaurant, and get their food to go in a custom branded take out packaging.

California Proposes Bill to Ban Animal Testing of Cosmetics

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The state of California recently proposed the The California Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act to end animal testing on cosmetics. If passed, this law would make it illegal for cosmetic manufacturers to knowingly import or sell any beauty products that were tested on animals. Over 100 million animals die in the name of cosmetics testing per year, and with inexpensive technological advancements like 3-D human skin tissue available, there is no reason to test cosmetics on animals.


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