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Starting a business is never easy, and starting a small business from the ground up during a global pandemic is twice as hard. Despite it all, two college students from Queens, NY found a way to do just that, and it’s truly inspiring. So if you’re looking for a new thrift store to shop at then take this as your sign to read up about why you should go shop at Tired Thrift right now! 


Who is Tired Thrift?

Tired Thrift is a second hand store, with a wide assortment of carefully curated and trendy vintage clothing. Located in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

Tired Thrift Storefront

Get to Know the Owners

What started as a way to get rid of some clothes and make a little extra cash on the side turned out to be an amazing business opportunity for Tired Thrift owners Lediona and Elona. Get to know them here first!


What made you start Tired Thrift?

We always knew that we wanted to start a small business and create some sort of community. Growing up thrifting, we had a knack for how to source the best pieces. When we realized our closets were getting too crowded, we began collecting vintage to sell.


Have you sold on Depop or any other Third-party Resale Website?

We didn’t do Depop just because we wanted to differentiate ourselves from the typical thrift scene. Also we just didn’t really like Depop’s system  itself. We didn’t feel like we could have enough control on it. So we tried doing online but it didn’t really work that well for us and we love our in person connection with our customers.


How do you both manage going to college and running such a successful business?

The pandemic was a blessing in disguise because now that all of our classes are online, we can be in class anywhere. We planned our schedules so that the days that one of us has class, the other can be in store. But we are also able to work on school assignments in store during downtime. . 


How do you find your pieces for Tired Thrift?

When we first started Tired Thrift it was a very small scale. We started with maybe two racks online and then we got to expand to like three racks. Back then, we would just collect from our local thrift stores, estate sales, or wherever we could find cool stuff. And now that we have our permanent location, we’ve begun wholesaling our vintage. Which makes it a lot easier to have larger inventory than when we were selling at flea markets and selling from home.


What are some of your favorite pieces in the store currently? 

Elona’s Top Pick


Lediona’s Top Pick

How has COVID-19 affected Tired Thrift? 

I think COVID was definitely a big opportunity for us because with being in school, and everything online, it was a bit easier for us to be able to do this. There are definitely setbacks. We can’t have that many customers all the time that we normally would probably be able to. 

In that way, there are guidelines that we have to follow, the safety and health of our customers is always a top priority so we’re cleaning all the time. I feel like it’s been oddly more positive, then negative. It’s led us to just be more friendly and open. Which is always good and just overall being more mindful about being clean. 

Also, since Tik Tok became popular during quarantine, we were able to take advantage of the platform to advertise our store. Tik Tok helped us get the word around about our shop and most of our customers come from Tik Tok.


What can we look forward to from Tired Thrift in the future?

We’d definitely like to expand Tired Thrift in anyway we can, whether that be new locations or pop ups around the country. We want to continue to build our “tired” community. Tired Thrift is equally about the community as it is about shopping. We are so excited to throw events once the pandemic is over.


Everything Else You Should Know about Tired Thrift

Don’t live in New York? No problem! Head over to Tired Thrift’s Instagram page linked below and give them a follow. They host live story sale’s everyday and ship domestically to all U.S. states. Making it both easy and convenient while ensuring that you stay fashionable and sustainable! 



10 Bedford Ave, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11222


Social Media

Instagram: @tiredthrift

Tik Tok: @tiredthrift



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