The Transformation of Beauty Trends

From lemon juice and rouge to garden brows and wigs, beauty has come a very long way.

Although there have been times when beauty trends come back from the past with a modern twist, we still continue to push the boundaries of beauty. These are the beauty trends that have shaped today’s trends.


The concept of holding onto one’s youth began. Face tonics were created with ingredients like lemon juice in order to achieve perfect skin. Pale skin was still on trend and rouge was used on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Blotting paper also became wildly popular during this time.


The Roaring Twenties gave birth to the controversial bob cut with finger waves, darker red lips, stained cheeks, and heavy kohl–rimmed eyes accompanied a powdered-pale face. During this time frame, mascara was merely a mix of wax and water being caked onto the lashes. Painted nails became a new sought-after trend.


Still inspired by old Hollywood, the bob kept its integral shape but grew longer. Über-thin red lips and pencil brows became of the moment. However, brown or gray eyeshadow replaced the dark eyeliner of the ’20s.


The Second World War created a new kind of woman, and with that came a new look. Simple, tight updos replaced the bob and lips became fuller. Nails were worn red and eyebrows were drawn on with a dark, prominent arch.


The age of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Doris Day was arguably the golden age for cosmetics. Products that fought skin conditions were commonly chosen over “face paint.” Pink lipstick soon replaced red, while heavier cream products and eyeshadow palettes quickly became as popular as the cat eye.


The ’60s were crazy about achieving the mod looks of London. Women starting growing their hair out and wearing it only half up. Lighter, silkier waves were typically complemented by a small bouffant and parted bangs.


Farrah Fawcett’s feathered hair inspired fans to incorporate soft, waved layers into their style. Long, straight hair also became very popular due in large part to the hippie movement. As for makeup, the aesthetic was magnificently glowy, bronzed skin with an emphasis on shimmery cream eyeshadow.


Men started to wear their long hair in ponytails and caked on the eyeliner. Mohawks, purple eyeshadow, two-toned hair, top knots, funky lip colors and neon hair colors were popular ’80s trends. Skin care with collagen and retinol started to become popular products.


Crimped hair, chunky highlights, and baby buns were this decade’s hair trends. Frosty was on trend as lips and hair tips would frequent. Blue eyeshadow, brick-colored brown lips and über-bright foundation were at the height of popularity as well.


The 2000s brought back old trends like pencil-thin eyebrows, also bringing in chunky highlights and shimmery white eyeshadow. Intensely faux tans, heavy bronzer, colorful eyeliner, and pigtails came about as a result of the Britney Spears era.


Bold and feathered brows, strong contours, and blinding highlight all arrived with the millennial phenomenon, the beauty gurus of the social media world. Hair is frequently painted in bold colors like cotton candy pink and electric blue, and wigs allow you to switch up your hairstyle every day. The winged eyeliner and colorful eyeshadow are returning trends being welcomed with modern twists. Acrylic and gel nails are a norm in the beauty salon.

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