The Summer “No Makeup” Makeup-Look

Summertime is probably one of my favorite seasons, it’s the time for spontaneous road trips with friends, and many relaxing days of sunbathing on your rooftop, unless you live somewhere other than New York and you are blessed with a pool. However, there’s one thing I’ve never looked forward to in this hot season, and it’s having to deal with the constant sweating. This unwanted friend is always there to remind you, that this time of year is not accepting your BB creams, brand new highlighters, or matte powders that turn dewy, as soon as you walk out the door. As a girl who’s spent her entire childhood living in the Caribbean, I’ve learned a thing or two about makeup during hot weather. I’ve tried many routines and products throughout the years, and I think I’ve finally perfected the “summer no makeup” makeup look. 




The first step is to moisturize and cleanse your face with a facial mask. By prepping your skin with a mask, you’ll be able to remove any impurities from your pores, therefore leaving your face looking radiant and clean. My favorite is the Celavi essence mask. 




After cleansing your skin you want to prepare it with products that will ensure your makeup will stay in place throughout the day. Start by using a lightweight moisturizer with SPF and a primer to make sure your face stays matte. I started using the Clinique dramatically different moisturizer and I love how soft and glowy it leaves my skin. The primer I use completely hides my pores and makes my skin look flawless.  




Something I learned from years of having foundation melt from my face during a casual walk in the park, is never to wear it during the Summer. I only use a concealer, and place it under the eyes, focusing on the outer corners. Then I blend it in with a flat kabuki brush by Sigma. I also use it on red spots and blemishes, as well as around my nose. A shade close to your skin tone will make it seem more natural, choosing a lighter shade will result in a more highlighting effect.


Images by Elisa Silva-Barreto




Typically, loose powder is used for glam, but I think baking your face for a natural approach will guarantee your makeup to stay in place on a hot day. I usually add my powder with a beauty blender, under the eyes, below the cheekbones, on my forehead and chin. 




The secret to bronzy skin is no longer the typical tan, with just a simple swipe of your most natural bronzer, you can achieve healthier glowy and natural-looking skin. I usually go for a cream bronzer by Clinique and apply it on my cheekbones, forehead, and nose, to contour. I blend it with a sculpting brush and add a powder bronzer on top to set it. I take the powder bronzer and place it on my eyes as well, I use a small round brush and focus it on my crease to create depth. With a smaller and flatter brush, I take a little bit more of the bronzer and place it under my eyes to create a shadow. 


Images by Elisa Silva-Barreto




After that, it’s time to frame our face with some natural-looking eyebrows. My favorite product to use is by benefit. I’ve used this pencil for 3 years and it still gets the job done. I start by combing my eyebrows in an upwards direction, then I fill in the gaps with gentle brushstrokes, and finally, I comb through them again to achieve a bushy and natural-looking brow. 




You can skip this step, but I like doing this because it makes my eyes look sultry and special. I take a black eyeliner and add it really close to my top lash line, then I blend it outwards, following the natural shape of my eye to create a foxy looking shape.




I have a love-hate relationship with mascara, but for the most part, it usually works for me. It might not look extremely natural, but it can open your eyes and make you look more awake. You can also try using brown mascara and only add it on the top lashes, for it to be less noticeable. 




I’ve always seen my grandmother use lipstick as a blush but I never actually tried it, these last few weeks I’ve been guilty of using this simple technique, and I have to say that I’ve really been liking it so far. By wearing a rosy lipstick on your lips and matching that same color to your cheeks, you can create a natural overall complexion. You can use lip liner if you want to make your lips seem poutier, but it’s completely up to you. 




After you’re finished with your look, it’s very crucial, especially with this hot and humid weather in the city, to set everything! By using a good setting spray, you can avoid major creasing and oily concealer patches. I recently started using this one by MORPHE, it works very well and leaves your face looking radiant, NOT oily. 


Images by Elisa Silva-Barreto

I hope you enjoyed this everyday look and that you try it out next time you find yourself walking around the city on a hot Summer day!