These Are by Far The Coolest Shops on Depop

It’s easy to buy fast, cheap clothing that will keep us insulated for the next few months, all for us to toss come spring. But you’re better than that sweetie! It’s our responsibility to make smart, sustainable decisions. Instead of blindly worshipping fast fashion, let beautiful, unique, vintage clothing into your world. The easiest solution? Depop. Want to thrift but don’t have the time? Depop. Hate sifting through family reunion t-shirts to find the good stuff? Depop! And can we talk about the weird smell of  thrift stores?! Depop!!! 

I’m sure you’ve heard of it but just in case you haven’t, Depop is an app that is basically shop-able Instagram. If you’re new to the app, welcome! If you aren’t sure where to start or who has the best inventory—do not fret, do not sweat, help is on its way. Check out the best Depop shops below, which will guide you towards a clear path to spending next week’s paycheck in style. 

Just to ease you in, @Internetgirl is a Depop queen, an icon, a staple. She’s known for her super stylized, sometimes dark looks with a twist, like mall goth or baby doll.  She offers a unique service in which she sells style bundles. For a set price, she acts as your personal stylist, catering to your measurements and theme you describe to her upon purchase. There are countless reviews on her style bundles on YouTube, found under “iGirl Style bundles.” She also sells unique merchandise such as jewelry and other accessories.

Another Depop staple is @grotesquebabydoll (you can always count on Depop for the angstiest handles.) She has some of the cleanest product photos, you’d think you were on an actual retailer’s website (her model-like figure doesn’t help either *tears*). She sells vintage that will cater to anyone and everyone. The neckline and silhouettes of her clothing inspire me to be pretty if that makes sense.

The best shops always are the ones that kill their product shots. That’s why, when browsing the explore page for research (read: personal interest) user @enithingiwant immediately caught my eye.  I was blown away by her product photos. Nothing compares to the sweet caress of rooftop lighting.

Speaking of the importance of great product shots, Jess from @avecdesireshop kills it every time. This vintage seller values mystical images as much as having great inventory, and was recognized in a Vogue article for it. Her shop oozes professionalism. She also sells on her own website, Incredible!

Listen up men, because I haven’t forgotten about you. A favorite for casual men’s clothing is @guccig11. Don’t let the handle scare you off because this seller is dedicated to serving the best vintage tees straight outta Nebraska! NEBRASKA! On any given day, he’s uploading new finds,so don’t forget to follow him, or you might miss out.

One of my favorite shops is @412vintage, run by the gorgeous duo, Allie and Alexa. They know how to serve looks unlike anyone else. They always have the cutest, trendy pieces, such as mini skirts, crop tops, crop cardigans, Y2K vintage dresses, and more. I have indeed purchased a dress from their shop in the past,and it’s still one of my favorite pieces of clothing.

Last, but never least, is @emmarogue with her signature orange backdrop. Her shop to offers one of a kind Y2K/gothic pieces. Emma’s shop never lacks the coolest throwback brands, such as FUBU, Baby Phat, ESPRIT, Juicy Couture, DKNY, and more! If you’re lucky you can usually spot her at the Depop space in New York.

And, like any good businesswoman, I have to plug myself real quick. Check me out on @likenat on Depop 🙂

Honorable mentions: @thegeorgettestore @loserthrift, @hichristian, @swimmersbrand, @uglyworldwide, @itsjovel, @aycody, @alexanderdroth, @totallycooldad, @shoponlinevintage, @caposhivintage