The Best Coffee Shops in NYC

Between interning, apartment-hunting, and editing Blush beauty articles, I’ve become quite the café connoisseur in my search for the perfect, chill work environment. If you’re like me you get way too distracted doing work at home, coffee shops are your safe haven. In honor of Syllabus Week I thought I would share a list of my fave local cafés to work in—(and yes, they all have free WiFi!).


Grounded Organic Coffee & Tea House |  Image from Yelp

Grounded Organic Coffee & Tea House

28th Jane St.

Grounded is the epitome of an urban jungle. Surrounded by plants, the space comes complete with couches, low tables with seats and high-top seat. It’s the type of café that is both home-y, yet spacious—two things that are virtually unheard of in the city. They have a delicious variety of food, tea, and coffee. My personal fave: their. Come finals season, you’ll definitely find me here! 

What to try: Honey Nut Latte



Think Coffee | Image from Yelp

Think Coffee

28 Mercer St

While Think Coffee has a couple of other locations around Manhattan, this would have to be my favorite one. They have a gigantic amount of seating with lots of outlets for all your charging needs. Thy only use compostable and recyclable cups, and they have vegan and gluten-free food and drink options. If you can get past the NYU undergrads that flock the place, this is a great place to get some work done or catch up with a friend. The place also doubles as a bar at night, complete with board games.

What to try: Vegan Grilled Cheese



The Lazy Llama Coffee Bar | Image from Yelp

The Lazy Llama Coffee Bar

72 E 1st St

While small in size, this café makes it for it with—you guessed it—lama décor. They serve Stumptown coffee and cold brew and they have the best almond milk in my opinion. They also have a wide variety of breakfast options so I always attempt to try something new whenever I go. The decor is very home-y —the seating areas inside and outside really makes the place. Both benches come with super cute throw pillows that make them great for lounging. The staff is super friendly, as well.

What to try: Nutella Croissant



Paper Coffee

44 W 29th St

Located in the lobby of Made Hotel, this place is outfitted with plants, wooden accents, and art on the walls. It is the perfect zen oasis. There’s a community table, lounge areas by the windows, a larger space in the back complete with a bar and a little seating area outside. They serve Devocion coffee, which is super smooth, and they have a mixture of breakfast foods and deserts. Itt’s only a 6 minute walk from FIT, so it’s the perfect place to get away and relax in between classes. Be aware that they are a card only place!

What to try: Iced Chai Latte



Urban Backyard | Image from Yelp

Urban Backyard

180 Mulberry St

Tucked away on the edge of Little Italy and Soho is the little succulent paradise of Urban Backyard. The green decor has house plants and string lights hanging from the ceiling. On top of being aesthetically pleasing, they’re also eco-conscious and give you a discount if you bring your own cup, accompanied by either a hay or bamboo straw. They have so many specialty drinks and yummy Instagram-able food, like their mini succulent cupcakes. Drop in to get some work done, or just for a great for an Instagram post!

What to try: Mini Succulent Cupcake, Ube Latte



Saturdays | Image from Yelp
Saturdays | Image from Yelp


31 Crosby St

If Starbucks and Hollister had a baby, Saturdays would be it. The space doubles as a surf shop, selling  with surfboards, and wetsuits next to fine art, coffee, and even their own menswear line.There’s also a cute backyard area with plenty of benches to sit on. They;re dog friendly, so feel free to bring your pup.

What to try: Just a simple iced coffee!

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