Styling The #LadyBoss Suit

Midterms, work life, the weekly karaoke club visit, self-care and oh yeah, sleep. Let’s face it. As students in New York, the hustle and bustle of life lend our planners more action than our wardrobes. With busy schedules, and not to mention the approaching unfriendly weather, our outfits and the effort we put into our style sometimes take the back burner.

But if there’s one look that is here to save the day, it’s the #LadyBoss suit. Whether it be the old school ‘80s structure, the Yves Saint Laurent slim cut, the Hillary Clinton, the oversized take on office attire, or a mix of all, here are six ways that are sure to make you look and feel like a boss in no time.

Layer On

The cold temperature is slowly creeping in, but that doesn’t mean we can’t escape indoor heating. Layering is a simple solution to baring this imbalance. This can be a classic turtleneck, your favorite graphic tee—to play with layers, add a sheer black long sleeve under—or a chunky cable knit sweater. And for all of the outwear lovers, adding a piece with texture and design can amp up an originally plain suit. Try a faux shearling coat, long puffer, leather jacket, trench, or (if you’re feeling adventurous) a second blazer-like piece on top of the first. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to face the cold with style.=


Who says dad shoes and sweats are only for the courts? Pairing a pantsuit with an oversized hoodie and a pair of sneakers make it a look for a chill Saturday out or Sunday grocery shopping. For accessories, try a small fanny pack (over the shoulder or around the waist) to carry the essentials and a tennis hat or baseball cap to keep hair from being windswept.

Rock and Roll, Baby


One artist who has been killing the pantsuit game is Harry Styles; his ‘70s-inspired fashion is total fall inspiration. Pairing a suit with a silk blouse (pajamas style) and hefty military/rider style boots make for the ultimate badass look. Incorporating thin ‘90s inspired shades and a cheetah print beret, both trending, will add more grunge. A-la Harry Styles and Gucci fashion, you can even try a seventies patterned ensemble to more of a statement. All you’ll need is a guitar and a girl group.

The Office

Taking a suit directly from the men’s section or thrifting one oversized makes for a slouchy, streetwear look. Inspired by Winona Ryder’s ‘90s brown pantsuit, minimal doesn’t mean not enough. Incorporating simple pieces such as a plain tee or button up lets the suit do the talking. Sporting loafers, flats, or cowboys boots adds a vintage touch.

One Piece


Who says a pantsuit has to be two piece, when it could easily be a one-time thing. Creating a jumpsuit-esque style can be a powerful look. Though it can be hard to conquer, playing with dimension helps a long way. Cinching the waist with a thick belt, silk scarf, or fanny pack can change the structure of a look, as long as the piece is a contrasting color.

Earrings, scarves, and socks oh my!

And the award for best supporting piece goes to… By now we all know that adding an accessory can take an outfit to another level. If your suit is on the neutral, muted side try adding an oversized scarf with bold colors, a statement piece of jewelry, a brooch, a tie, or patterned socks for a touch of detail. If it’s already a statement (like plaid or floral pattern), a simple black hat and classic cross-body bag is all you need.

So the next time you see a pantsuit give it a second glance; it’s more than just a blazer and slacks. Wear it with confidence and you’ll feel like a boss anywhere you go.

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