Strut Into the Semester With #PoshOnCampus!

Classes are starting up again and so stylish gals and guys everywhere are finding themselves in post-holiday paradox. Eager or anxious to start the new semester, many are still riding on the coattails of resounding resolutions cheering “out with the old, and in with the new!”  And with the many post-seasonal sales going on, now might be the best time for FIT attendees to consider a serious closet cleanse and designer detox. Unfortunately, a vast majority may be suffering from a deflated bank accounts from casual spreading over break and lavish winter trips. However, Poshmark might be the means to soothe your need for a style splurge in 2018.

Poshmark is currently the largest marketplace in the United States that enables the  purchase and vending of clothing, shoes and accessories online. Its format is similar to eBay or Amazon, but it was founded by savvy fashion entrepreneurs for fashion savvy entrepreneurs. Within six years, Poshmark has streamlined the process of upscale thrift shopping for interested buyers and sellers online in a sophisticated but user-friendly platform.  

And now Poshmark may be coming to a campus near you through their #PoshOnCampus campaign. Founded back in January 2016, this program focuses on establishing marketing and social media experience for campus ambassador called campus representatives. The campaign’s first representative, Alex Como of Fairfield University, who was a proactive campus presence and longtime user of the marketplace reached out to Poshmark herself. This entrepreneurial spirit is what inspired the establishment of #PoshOnCampus and Poshmark reaching out to other inspired college students.

During the three month session, #PoshOnCampus gives participants a firm foundation into the workings of successful marketing techniques and developing social media and networking skills. The interaction between the staff and the students enables the company to impart tactful skills which the students can uses to promote themselves, Poshmark and even other people and presences effectively and efficiently. This establishes a generous know-how in the campus representatives who then can enact and develop these skills further in their respective schools. Furthermore, #PoshOnCampus strongly supports more localized events on students’ own campuses.

One success story of #PoshOnCampus is Stephanie Sickles, a graduate students studying Public Health at SUNY Albany.  As another longtime user of the app, Stephanie was very eager to have the chance to work with the online marketplace. She describes her learning experience with the company as the opportunity of a lifetime, citing them as the source of  immeasurable industry and practical knowledge.

Actively using their experience with Poshmark on campus has been enjoyable and beneficial to campus representatives like Stephanie as well. She has hosted many promotional events to encourage new users to try the company, her most memorable one being a “Posh and Sip” party she held last spring. It was this proactive promotion and utilization of the skills she developed with Poshmark that actually lead to her and two other representatives, Manal Saad of California State University Long Beach and Allissa Valenzuela of Arizona State University, receiving $500 donations to their organizations of choice.

Furthermore, Stephanie encourages people to apply and also check out Poshmark for themselves, explaining that the marketplace as a versatile and flexible means of making money while exchanging clothing and accessories to give tired pieces a breath of fresh air – a pretty inviting appeal for any FIT student currently feeling the winter blues.  

Think you might be interested in becoming a campus rep at FIT? You can apply online by visiting their website at or check out the movement on Instagram! Also feel free to checkout the Poshmark App available on IOS and Windows.  

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