Beauty Reigned at this Year’s SAG Awards

By Ama Corrieri

Since the beginning of award shows the focus has not entirely been on the awards themselves. Rather we have shifted the focus to the more popular beauty and fashion aspects.

While the actors themselves are worthy of praise for their professional careers and nominations, actors also set the tone for the coming trends leaving us in awe at their beautiful facade — which in itself is of course worthy of praise, and possibly tears. The SAG awards are no different. Millions of Americans tuned in to TNT and TBS to enrich their lives with the extravagance of the elite and cheer on their favorite show. Even if they did binge watch it in a day, the effect was lasting. For many of us that shy away from the gowns and tux’s due to perhaps the lack luster of the looming price point vs a more humble budget, beauty is an easy alternative. Looks rocked by your favorite stars can be easily recreated with a talented hand or used to inspire your next beauty risk. Here are some looks that might pioneer the beauty forefront for the upcoming year with deep swept back side parts, strong lips paired with natural eye makeup and details hair jewelry.

  1. Emily Blunt is seen here with a simple face makeup, helping to balance her vibrant earrings and eccentric dress. The warm tones in her metallic shadow enhance her blue eyes while her natural brows frame them delicately. Topping off the look with a soft pink lip gave her the appearance of youthfulness.

  1. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Kerry Washington, whose dramatic smoky eye let her makeup steal some of the spotlight from her elegant white gown. Harmonizing the look is her neutral pink lip and sleek hair tucked back.

  1. Rashida Jones keeps it playful and fresh with letting her liner go solo as her fringe already bring attention to her eyes. Her muted red lip color compliments her jewelry and gown details perfectly.


  1. As a child actor it can be hard to have judgement placed on your looks from the get go, yet Millie Bobby Brown seems to reject these ideas and simultaneously wow us. Continuing the trend of a slicked back yet voluminous hairstyle, she paired a natural face makeup with a detailed diamond headband.  


  1. A jaw dropping look, Janelle Monae had me seeing stars. Not that I wasn’t seeing a whole screen full, but on a smaller scale and what on closer inspection appeared to be small silver flowers adorned with a matching headband. Her thick natural brows and fuschia lipstick may have also done the trick.


  1. Danielle Brooks, shocked the audience with a beehive-esque hairdo with silver jewelry detailing. Green and blue hues of liner and shadows also left of wondering how it all flowed together so flawlessly.

  1. Kate Hudson’s dress might have been up for speculation yet you cannot go wrong with a classic such as slicked back hair paired with a strong red lip.

  1. Taraji P. Henson made me feel that I was hating too hard on the color purple. Her edgy side swept bob and soft purple face makeup paired well with her sheer ultra-feminine purple detailed gown.


  1. Stunning us with a indescribable gold gown, Ariel Winter kept her beauty look classic. What is currently a major trend, her dark curly lob was complemented with dramatic lashes and a bright red-orange lip.


  1. Sofia Vergara made a statement by sweeping her hair back and showing off her cheekbones. Her simple makeup was well matched with a strong red lip.


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