Pride Beauty Recap

By Ryann Casey

June was dedicated to celebrating, commemorating and recognizing the impact the LGBTQ+ community has had throughout history. Splashes of color paraded down the streets, painted Instagram feeds and decorated every face in the crowd as a visual and vibrant celebration.

The bold, bright, and inclusive imagery of the rainbow translates into the beauty world with color cosmetics and haircolor being a perfect medium of artistic expression. Here are the five best ways people incorporated the colors of the rainbow into their beauty looks to demonstrate their pride/support.


Image: @sugarpill

Rainbow glitter, shadow and mascara all were used to decorate the eyes for maximum impact, The most detailed look had ROYGBIV eyeshadow shaded in the shape of the rainbow, with a gold foil accent in the inner corner to mimic the pot of gold. The eyebrow is also shaded in to follow the shape of the rainbow for a cohesive look.


Image: @marioncameleon

We’ve seen rainbrows before, but this time they are paired with a striking rainbow waterline that completes the eye look without overshadowing the brows. The brow starts with yellow in the inner corner and fades out to dark blue-black at the tail of the brow. The waterline perfectly mirrors the color gradient. Stark black liner and lashes contrast the vivid colors.


Image: @dirtymelodies

Wearing every color of lipstick at once can be difficult to replicate and pull off, but it makes a beautiful close up image for Instagram. In this case, half the pout is painted in cool tones while the other half is warm, meeting in the middle at yellow. Along the inner portion of the lips, a shimmery gloss adds a highlight that pulls all of the colors together. The impeccable blotting of one shade into the next is what makes the colors pop instead of blending into a muddy mess.



The shape of a rounded oval nail is perfect for rainbow shaped nail art. The nail tip acts as a mini U shaped rainbow. In this case, the precision of each striped layer of color . Super wearable because it blends into the natural nail, but because the color is focused on nail tips it’s just asking for chipping.


Image: @redkenjenn

An innovative way to incorporate the bright shades of the rainbow is at the roots of the hair. When hair is left down to lay flat against the head you can barely see the colors, but once you part the hair the vibrancy shows through. This is a great technique to use for the undermost layer of the hair as well because as it grows out there won’t be a harsh line of regrowth.

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