Editor’s Picks: Turandot’s Late Summer Vibes

As staccato showers cool down another animal of a summer, New Yorkers have begun to ditch the nightly rooftop parties with all-you-can-pour rose, slowly retreating back to our cozy apartments for cups of hot tea and lovers’ embraces. While we relish in the comforts of home and the company of loved ones, let’s not forget to stand in solidarity with those who are struggling with loss and trauma due to recent injustices.

From the tragic murder of Nia Wilson (pictured left) in Oakland to the horrific accounts of sexual abuse committed against women in ICE detention centers across the U.S., overlooked narratives of society’s most marginalized individuals are finally surfacing from the shadows to gain the mainstream coverage they deserve, sparking conversation and movements among activists young and old.

August’s editor’s picks highlight several women of color I personally look up to. Their unapologetic art and politics never fail to empower those who, like them, have pounded on many ceilings to make their voices heard and names remembered. I hope you take a few minutes from your day to get to know them, read their words, learn their stories, and support their platforms, just as I have had the privilege to do so.

Lastly, #SayHerName. Rest in power, Nia Wilson.

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