The Pink Shade That’s Got Everyone Buzzing

By Yerellys Michel

The world is going crazy over Millennial Pink, also known as Tumblr Pink or Pantone’s 2017 shade called Pale Dogwood. If you’ve been on social media you know exactly what I’m talking about and why we’re talking about it.

All of the popular influencers are using this shade of pink, which resembles cotton candy or bubble gum, as backgrounds for their Instagram pictures. A lot of people say that this ‘pink craze’ all started with the rose gold iPhone, but others don’t dare to compare the two. According to Glamour Magazine they are completely different, Rose Gold being the ugly stepsister to the new It Girl called “Millennial Pink.”

This shade of pink is not limited to just being a beauty or fashion blogger’s backdrop… oh no! Companies are taking advantage of all the attention that this color is producing and putting Millennial Pink on anything they can get their hands on. Even restaurants are decorating their entire venue in this shade of pink. If you want it, something has it. Let your imagination run wild.

People no longer want to live in all white home decor. They want to live in a pink house, eat pink food, drink Starbucks’ pink strawberry drinks, and look at their pink hair in a closet filled with pink clothes. Okay, I might be extravagant, but the craze over this old 1970’s color, which millennial’s have taken ownership over, is real. I wish I would have known earlier that this color was going to be a thing because I could have made so much money. My childhood room was Millennial Pink until the age of 16. So, I guess the world just now gets to enjoy what I always knew was popping.

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