Patagonia: Reduce, Reuse, Worn Wear

Patagonia is changing the sustainability game with their new Worn Wear website. If you haven’t already heard, Patagonia is an activewear clothing company that promotes sustainability. They focus their clothing designs on utility and simplicity. They are one of the few companies that are openly aware that their business activities, like dyeing shirts and lighting stores, causes environmental harm. They are also one of the few to work to reduce that harm by donating their time, services, and at least 1% of their sales to environmental groups.

In a world of fast fashion and excess shopping, Patagonia is standing for a change. Their Worn Wear website  is centered around the ideas of reducing reusing, and recycling. They strive to reduce consumption, reuse old clothing items, and recycle stories. Their website, launched just two weeks ago, offers used Patagonia clothing for sale. Think of it as an online thrift shop. Except this time, all of the clothing on the website comes from you, the consumer, and from the backs of their own distribution centers. Once brought in, most items are cleaned using CO2 which saves both water and energy compared to other methods. Worn Wear is not limited to anyone. It includes clothing for men, women, and, soon enough, children. Their clothing ranges from bright patterned t-shirts and dresses to solid color hike pants and jackets. All with the idea of sustainability, utility, and simplicity.

This may seem like any run-of-the-mill environmentally-friendly company, but one of the attributes that sets them apart from others are their emphasis on care and repair. Patagonia believes in selling clothing items that will last and if it doesn’t, they’re determined to help you out. Their website offers video tutorials and message boards that showcase how to care and repair their products. What do you do if your sweater starts pilling? How do you fix an unthreaded drawstring? How do you wash a waterproof jacket? Patagonia’s got you covered.  


One of their biggest ideas for Worn Wear is that each piece of clothing has a story from the first time it is bought to the last time it is worn (until it is eventually reused again). Through storytelling, Patagonia hopes to share the importance of reusing and recycling these items. Their website has a whole section dedicated to people’s stories. You can even get your own story up on their website! Just go on to the website and submit your story. Simple as that.

Years ago, Worn Wear started out as pop-up events that allowed people to come and repair and exchange their clothing. Today, it is something greater. It is a phenomenon meant to reach more people and help promote actions that benefit our environment. So, what are you waiting for? Go check out Worn Wear!

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