Outfits of FIT: Words of Wisdom from Nicholas Macaluso

Located on New York City’s 27th street and 7th avenue, FIT’s campus spans a total of one bustling block, meeting fashion from corner to corner. While FIT is best-known for being the place where creativity gets down to business, columnist Larissa Gill is here to show you that it’s much more than that. Learn how to let fashion live free and explore the many outfits of FIT by meeting the individuals who love to embrace their personal styles.



Everyone, meet Nicholas Macaluso. Maybe you’ve spotted him before, strutting down West 27th street, sitting in a class at FIT, hopping around the East Village or maybe even at one of New York City’s notorious thrift stores. He was probably wearing a cool pair of sneakers, baggy pants, and an amazing sweater, all vintage of course! When it comes to fashion Nick throws all of the rules right out the window and wears what speaks to him. Down below Nick is going to spill his favorite vintage stores, style inspirations, and trends. Get a paper and pen, because you are going to want to take notes on this Q & A, trust us.


Where are you from? Where do you live now?

I was born in Queens and moved to Long Island when I was young. I grew up on Long Island and went to high school there, but moved to Manhattan when I was 18. Now I live in the East Village.



What are you studying at FIT, where have you previously worked, and what is your dream job? 

I got my Associate’s in Production Management and was the first Menswear Product Development Intern at the Row which was amazing. Being able to be a part of the beginning of a new chapter for such an iconic brand was really motivating and helped me get my foot in the door. After the Row, I worked at Barney’s up until they shut the doors. Now I’m about to graduate with my Bachelor’s in Advertising, Marketing and Communications in May!


How would you describe your style? Who do you look up to for style inspo?

My style is definitely me wearing how I’m feeling subconsciously. I don’t have a set style, I just love putting together outfits based on the day. I’ve been purchasing a lot of pieces lately because I’m trying to refresh my wardrobe, so I think I’ve been basing a lot of my outfits off of one specific piece recently. I’ve been throwing all of the rules I’ve grown up with to the side in regards to style and just having fun. Looking back at photos of me when I was a child inspires me a lot too. I like to mix patterns, I like a baggy pant that stacks nicely with a shoe and I’ve been super sneaker oriented lately. I got to go to Italy again this summer to visit family, and seeing how they play with print and fabric really inspired me. My no-no was always my main inspiration because he played around with layering and sizing without even realizing he was a fashion icon…. The way he would throw on oversized sweaters or vests with his trousers/favorite pair of jeans always looked so effortlessly fly. His chain was always gleaming, fingers were always a little iced out and he always had on a clean shoe. More recently though, I’ve been super into Eckhaus Latta and Jil Sander for fashion house inspiration. On Instagram, I love @wuzg00d and @double3xposure because they represent my two style moods on most days.




Where do you thrift? What item do you thrift the most?

My favorite thrift in the city is definitely Tokio 7, but I also love the usual places like No Relation, L Train, Metropolis, Cure Thrift in the East Village, Beacon’s Closet, Buffalo Exchange, etc. I thrift all the time, and it’s my main method of shopping, so I like to go everywhere. When I thrift, I look for pieces that push me out of my comfort zone. When I see materials or styles I’m not used to, and want to learn how to style with at a thrift store, I get excited because I can try new things. I definitely thrift sunglasses and outerwear the most because I find great deals on classics. My favorite Chanel sunglasses were thrifted for around $85 at a local thrift store on Long Island! Also, a secret for all my plus size girls and gays…. thrift stores carry a lot of plus sizes in pants! You can usually find a pair of pants that are actually stylish and comfortable. Most stores don’t go beyond straight sizes so the thrift store is perfect for finding bigger pants sizes without having to sacrifice style.


Have you been eyeing up recently what you want to buy for this season? What are your favorite winter trends? 

I have been holding myself back from buying literally everything I see right now. From all of Eckhaus Latta to everything from Telfar to the Yeezy 700 V3s, I need to hold myself back!  I’ve been having a lot of fun styling myself lately so I just want to keep adding to my wardrobe, especially in the winter. The winter is great because you can pull out the classics like your favorite second hand leather jacket, your favorite windbreaker, your favorite corduroys, etc! Winter trends I’m loving right now are monochromatic and color-blocking mixed with layering. I think even though so many people do it right, when you wear a lot of different colors in heavier-styled fits, it can get a little distracting and messy. That’s why I like sticking to color families in the winter to keep it clean, but all in all… during the winter time, go all out! Wear all of your favorite pieces at once.


Q: where do you see your style going in the future?

Hopefully in the future, my style 100% accurately represents me. I want to be at a point where I love every piece in my closet and feel comfortable in everything I put on. That will be when fashion is the most fun!