Outfits of FIT: Daniel Elias M. Pascual


FIT’s campus spans one NYC block and meets fashion from corner to corner.

I decided it was time student street style was showcased on a wider basis. This past week it was Daniel Pascual’s sophisticated layered look that caught my eye. Check it out below.

Name: Daniel Elias M. Pascual
Major: Accessories Design
Hometown: Jersey City, NJ (Born and raised in the Philippines)

Q1: How would you describe your personal style?

“I have a lot of different facets of style, it really depends on my mood and the weather on any given day. My styles cover most of the fem-masc spectrum. But I personally do not like to do an “edgier” style, it’s not me. But if I really had to boil my style down it would be retro androgynous mixed with a bit of modernity.” 

Q2: Who is your style role model/style inspiration?

“Most of my style comes from within myself, but I do take some inspiration from street style photography, 60’s mod – 70’s disco, 30’s-40’s, and a bit of the victorian age.”

Q3: Where are key pieces from your outfit from?

“The satin button down, turtleneck, and velvet pants are all from my local Salvation Army. The pants however are absolutely enormous on me. The waist is a 48 and I’m a 34, the length was also a bit much so I had to cut them, I’ve been too lazy to hem them though, I should get to that. The trench coat is vintage Dior I snatched from eBay, it was a major steal. A lot of people have to take advantage of eBay, it is the biggest and best thrift store that could ever exist, you just have to know what to search for. The boots are Prada from the fall 2013 runway. I bought them from a woman on Poshmark who only tried them on, she never wore them. She was selling them for $150 when they retailed for $1200, I had to snatch those up as well.”

Q4: What is your favorite trend at the moment?

“I hope this doesn’t sound very arrogant or aloof but I really do not care for trends, it’s nice to know what’s “in,” but I prefer to do me, however, if a certain trend is something I really like and picture myself wearing, I will invest in it. I wouldn’t devote my entire style to trends. They’re fleeting, and investing in them can be very wasteful. But if I had to choose one, it would be embroidery and over-embellishments.”

Q5: Least favorite trend?

“Anything that is already in any of the fast fashion stores like Forever 21, H&M, etc. Once it reaches fast fashion I find that that means that the trend has reached a certain  saturation point in society, and by that point it has been so over done that I personally can’t appreciate it anymore. People can wear whatever they want to, I won’t be rude or snobby about people wearing trends I consider to be “overdone,” as long as you’re being true to yourself, and you like what you’re wearing, and you feel confident, it doesn’t matter what I think or what anybody else thinks.”

Q6: What is your favorite spring item you cannot wait to break out?

“I already broke out my trench coat so I can’t really answer this question, but I do have my eyes on some colourful pieces I can’t wait to purchase, I won’t spill the beans on here though.”

Q7: Favorite beauty look?

“I prefer to go out and about completely bare-faced. I really like a natural look, and I love natural looks on everybody. It doesn’t matter if you have dark circles under your eyes or a pimple on your forehead, there’s beauty in all of us. We are all beautiful.”