Outfits of FIT: Dani Smith


FIT’s campus spans one NYC block and meets fashion from corner to corner.

I decided it was time student street style was showcased on a wider basis. This past week it was the aesthetic of Dani Smith’s orange-on-orange-on-orange outfit that caught my eye. Check it out below.

Name: Dani Smith
Major: Advertising and Marketing Communications
Hometown: Sarasota, Florida

Q1: How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as eclectic, on trend, and colorful! 

Q2: Who is your style role model/style inspiration?

My style role model is most definitely @wuzg00d [on Instagram].”

Q3: Where are key pieces from your outfit from?

“Kith (T-Shirt), Forever 21 (Skirt), Puma exclusive pop-up shop (Shoes), Nike (Fanny pack)”

Q4: What is your favorite trend at the moment?

My favorite trend right now are probably chunky dad sneakers. I can’t get enough of them.”

Q5: Least favorite trend?

My least favorite trend right now would have to be mesh layering tops — I just don’t find them practical!

Q6: What is your favorite fall item you cannot wait to break out?

My favorite fall items that I can’t wait to break out are pretty much anything corduroy. Jackets, pants, skirts, you name it!

Q7: Favorite beauty look?

My go to beauty look is simple and glowy. As long as you’ve got glossy lips and plenty of highlighter, I’m all for it.

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