Our Tik Tok Skin Care Queens and Kings

Who needs a dermatologist when we have these guys!

A visit to the dermatologist office or spa has become kind of impossible these days, and let’s be honest, it was nearly impossible even before with costs starting at $100, not to forget the product recommendations they’ll give you. $70 for a cleanser?! 

Thank God for Tik Tok, besides putting a smile on our faces during a global pandemic and dancing us through quarantine, it has also pleased us with some pretty good skincare specialists, giving us free advice on routines and products, showing us the no-no’s and the go-go’s and even duets to your particular skincare routine.

Here are my top 3 skincare heroes on TikTok and a must-follow for clean, clear, and glowy skin.

The Friend 

Let’s start off with our Marine Bio student and skincare expert @jc.dombrowski. His Tik Tok page is a mix of water animal videos, fun facts, and skincare product recommendations. He knows what he’s talking about and will give you opinions based on ingredient lists. He’s like the friend you never had, giving you some actually helpful skin care advice. 


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The Expert 

Dr. Joyce is an expert when it comes to skin. The Stanford and NYU trained Dermatologist will provide you with the truth, and only the truth. If you are looking for an expert’s opinion with years of experience and training you’ve found the right person. Her videos are very informative and I promise, you won’t be left with any questions or doubts when she unpacks her strong arguments, including proof pictures.



so you still want to tan? #dermatology #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #skincare

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The King 

And finally, the King of them all HYRAM @skincarebyhyram. Can I imagine life without this guy? No, at this point I cannot. Do I feel like he’s become family? Yes. I do.

I’ve watched every TikTok and every YouTube video, which is actually the platform he started on. On TikTok, Hyram duets your skincare routine and will give you personal and individual advice, just tag him and he will come for you. But don’t be scared of criticism, Hyram can be harsh if he sees you using makeup wipes, scrubs or fragrance. A little warning: Mario Badescu and St. Ives face scrubs are his worst enemies.

On YouTube our skincare brother gives more in-depth info on specific brands, products he likes and dislikes, and nothing but the ugly truth. By the way, if you are looking for the CeraVe cleanser at Target, good luck finding it. Hyram’s minions have sold it out; it’s one of his favorites if not THE one. But we trust Hyram and his professional opinion and knowledge as a skin care specialist. 



He will be missed 😔🙏 #duet with @no_no_care_ #skincarebyhyram

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Please Trump administration don’t ban TikTok, we need those guys, our skin needs them to survive.


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