New Thrifting App “Marco” Exclusively Launches at FIT

Move over Poshmark and Depop, there’s a new thrifting app in town. Created by Michael Furst and his two co-founders Adam Pavloff (Chief Design Officer) and Sam Lents (Chief Technology Officer), Marco was designed to trade the clothes you have for the clothes you want—#thingsforthings. Think of it as like a dating app for your closet. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Upload any clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. you want to trade

Step 2: Swipe through and match with someone else’s items

Step 3: Chat, meet up and trade


“I created Marco as a response to personal angst. I was tired of going into vintage stores, selling an article of clothing I didn’t want anymore and getting pennies back for it. I wished there was a way to trade my clothing items I didn’t want for items in the store.”

And Michael, along with two co-founders, has done just that. They worked on Marco on weekends and outside of work hours to create an app that would allow you to get clothing without spending any money.

And why FIT?

“FIT is one of the most fashionable campuses in this city. We’ve been based in New York for about four years now and we couldn’t think of a better place to launch it. We want it to benefit FIT students and thought it would so easy for them to swap things either in their dorms, before class, in the cafeteria, in the hallways, just about anywhere.” And since FIT is surrounded by thrift stores and we’re all on a college budget, I also think this app is a great idea. And I know I’m not the only one who has gone into a thrift store to hunt for gems and left empty-handed.


Michael and his co-founders have done mostly self-promotion on Instagram and is hoping to build a following on there to get the word out about Marco, and let’s face it, Instagram and social media marketing has proven to be incredibly effective for us Millennials. And another great thing about Marco—there’s no fancy social media team running their account. Michael and one of the co-founders, Adam, are in charge of the account and are the ones posting the content. They want to use their Instagram as an open line of communication. So if you have any features you want to see on the app, you won’t be speaking to someone who just has a degree in marketing, you’ll be talking directly to the CEOs.

And while Marco is still in Beta mode, it’s gotten all positives reviews so far and has a 5 Star rating on iTunes. And since FIT has so many creative people, Michael is looking for anyone who wants to get involved as well. “We’re planning to collaborate with FIT students to design pins, patches, events and any other cool ideas you all may have.”

I’m always on the hunt for new ways to shop with spending minimal amounts of money and I think it’s super cool that our campus was chosen to be the testing space. I think we forget that despite us being students, we are so influential and are the ones discovering and testing out what’s the next big thing. So check out the app, their website and their Instagram and be sure to leave any suggestions or feedback!

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