Message Megan: February 5th, 2018

Dear Megan,

I started waitressing two years ago as a quick and easy way to make money. It was okay when I needed to pay my rent fast, but now I’m… stuck. I feel aimless, like I have no career goals. But I don’t want to be sixty and still busing tables. I started applying for jobs, but I can’t get an interview anywhere. What can I do?

-Discouraged Diana

Artwork by Taylor Bender

Dear Discouraged Diana,

I know this feels very overwhelming, but know you are one of millions of people going through something like this right now. It’s perfectly normal to want to do something different and it’s great that you already have had the motivation to start applying to new jobs! My first suggestion is to cut back on how many hours you are waitressing, but don’t go overkill and quit altogether. You still need to pay rent and you don’t want to burn any bridges at a job that you’ve had for so long. Lowering how much time you spend waitressing gives you more availability to explore this new path and will be even more motivation to find a solution. My second suggestion is to find ways besides a job to become a part of this new path. Whether this is volunteering, going to networking events, starting a blog about that particular industry, or joining a Facebook group, these are all steps that can build credibility and hopefully land you an interview. My third suggestion fits with the second in that rather than just fill out many online applications to not hear back, meet people who can help you find opportunities. It is much easier to ask an actual person about opportunities than an HR email never gets answered. You can meet these people through the options in my second suggestion super easily! You have the motivation, but maybe it’s time to get a bit more creative in how you get to where you want to go!

Dear Megan,

I got an apartment with my best friend last spring. We dormed together in Nagler and we got along so well! Once we got our own place, everything changed.She’s super sloppy now and always comes up with excuses when it’s her turn to clean. Her payment for rent is always late and we keep getting warnings from our landlord. We fight a lot which sucks because we used to be so close. Our lease is up in April and she wants to renew. I do too because I love our place,but I don’t want to live with her anymore. How should I approach her about the lease when the time comes?

-Responsible Roommate

Artwork by Taylor Bender

Dear Responsible Roommate,

This is a delicate situation because personal feelings can get very carried away when talking about living situations. If you had just moved into the apartment, I would say maybe give her another chance. But you have lived there with her for a while now and she really doesn’t have any excuse at this point! Managing a dorm room is much different than managing an apartment and people change; it is understandable why your roommate may be acting differently than before. Being messy is one thing, but being late with rent payments is something serious that could affect your housing, not just hers. I think that despite how nice your apartment is, it is not worth risking your sanity and your financial credibility to spare her feelings. Obviously, I would not be so blunt when talking to her. Tell her that while living with her in that apartment has been an exciting chapter of your life, you need a new environment to live in. This is not about what is wrong with her, it is about finding the best possible living situation for yourself. This sounds like cheesy breakup advice but you need to live somewhere that does not cause so many problems in your personal life. Hopefully not living with her can bring back the closeness you had before, not all friends are meant to live together. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find a better apartment than before!

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