Madison Beer’s New Morphe Collection

Morphe has teamed up with Madison Beer to release a new makeup collection.

Morphe Cosmetics is known for collabing with many influencers such as Maddie Ziegler and James Charles. Now, the brand is focused on partnering with people in the music industry and so they chose Madison Beer.

The limited-edition Madison Beer Collection was made by the singer herself and references her soft and natural beauty vibe. It was released worldwide on Sept. 15 and features 11 pieces in total that will allow you to copy the glowing, shimmery, full face beat that Beer is known for. The lineup features eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses, highlighters, and more.

“I am a Morphe fan on my own, so when they came to me wanting to collaborate, I was super excited,” Beer said about the collaboration. “I wanted to make sure that I could make something that I could actually genuinely use and the color tones that I wanted. I was just really involved in the entirety of the process. My goal, I would say is just that anyone can create an entire look with just this collection because I know how it feels to carry around a 50-pound bag of makeup when you travel, or just like in general, and I want this to be a simple thing that they can use and get it done.”

She normally goes without makeup during the day, but she wanted to create makeup that she could wear for special events or going out at night. “If I could I would definitely have a full beat during the day,” said Beer. “I have really acne-prone skin so I try to give my skin a little bit of a break during the day . . . then at night I go full glam.”

The first part of the collection is a six-piece set of “Channel Surfing” makeup brushes that arrive in a Madison Beer branded case. Next are highlighters in “Enter Galactic” and “Fairy Tears” shades, which add a shimmering and radiant glow to the face. 

The lip glosses come in five shades that offer both full and sheer coverage in a buttery formula. This was one part of the collection she was very particular about. “I, for literally the past 21 years, didn’t wear lip liner or lipstick of any kind — I hated it,” said Beer. “I think it’s because I just never found the right shade. I would literally battle with my makeup artist every time we went to a red carpet because she’s like, ‘We need to put lip liner on you,’ and I’m like, ‘No!’ I would just make her put ChapStick on.” Recently, she went to a shoot where one makeup artist used a lip liner and it perfectly matched her lips. This changed her mind about lip liner and lipstick, she can’t do makeup without either now.

The main part of the collection is Morphe’s signature Artistry Palette, which contains 20 colors ranging from lighter colors such as “White Rabbit” and “Emotional Bruises,” to darker choices such as “Cosmos” and “Pixie” options.”The shade Zeppelin is my favorite because it’s like a brown, but it’s also like a chalky kind of gray and I use it as an eyeliner,” said Beer. “It just looks like it’s part of my eyelash rather than a really pigmented black liner. That’s been my trick for a few months now — using more of a gray than a black because it just looks like a shadow of your eyelash.” Her second favorite shade in the palette is Stained Glass, this shimmery, pearlescent white color because she loves to use it every day to highlight the inner corner of her eye.

To finish off a full glam look, there are two Luminous Setting Sprays in Lockdown and Seal the Deal. The formulas are infused with coconut water and apple extract for maximum hydration.

The whole collection ranges from $10 to $22, and you can only shop the collection at Morphe, Ulta, and Sephora online and in stores.