Key Pieces for the Perfect Fall Transition

By Taylor Bushey

Fall is finally around the corner, so go stock up on your favorite magazines and gather with friends to go on your seasonal shopping spree. Although temperatures have not taken a significant dip yet, some small changes can give your outfit the extra boost.  Here’s a few tips on the easiest ways to transform your outfits without the hassle.    

One Addition


Don’t put away your summer clothes quite yet. Instead, keep out your favorite summer skirt and add leggings or tights underneath. This is an easy layer without having to compromise for thick pants or jeans. If it’s a little breezy that day, make sure to wear a light jacket before heading out the door.



Speaking of jackets, they are a Fall must-have. Celebrities such as Joan Rivers always said to keep the outfit basic underneath and add a different jacket for the unique style you want to go for that day. This season, bomber jackets are taking over as one of this year’s hottest trends. High end designers such as Versace have featured the versatile jacket. However, stores like Urban Outfitters has a wide selection at a more affordable price.

Jackets are a great way to spice up an outfit and make it look put together. Plus, with temperatures beginning to slip, you might need one in the early hours of the morning.

Switch of the Shoe


Keep the outfit, but lose the flip flops. No one can go wrong with a pair of fall boots, and they tend to make an outfit look much more stylish. Find a versatile bootie with a small heel which will give instant height and an added flare.

Rich Colors


Swap out some of your favorite pastels and start wearing the new colors of the season. Instead of changing much of the outfit, instead, change it up with a new makeup look such as a new lipstick. Dark plums and burgundies have already been projected as the hot new trend, so why not ease into it a little early?

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