How She Does It: Chiara

As young creatives entering the business world, it is so important to surround ourselves with other inspiring, uplifting individuals that share the same drive and ambition. I am constantly inspired by the powerful women in my life, but I am also so often finding females spreading insight and positivity over what can otherwise be a very dark platform: social media.

‘How She Does It’ highlights some of my favorite female entrepreneurs and boss babes that I’ve come across in the fashion, tech, digital and media worlds that I want to share with you. We’ll take a sneak peak into their daily lives and hopefully this dose of female power will inspire you to be the best kick-ass version of yourself- whatever that means to you. The world desperately needs more feminine energy in places of business and power. And these ladies are bringing it.

How She Does It: Chiara

Calling all feminists! There’s a new message that you’re about to see all over social media. Not only is Chiara creating an explosive movement, but also a trendy line of tees and intimates that are giving back to the community, being made eco-friendly and featuring a progressive message. What more could you ask for? This 18-year-old student, activist, artist and entrepreneur is currently abroad in Bali, but took time out of her busy schedule to share the sentimental story behind what prompted her to create “Matriarchy Now”. Check out her interview below.

Blush: Tell me about what you’re creating with “Matriarchy Now” and what led you to start your own business?

Chiara: Matriarchy is a vision for a future of empowered people. We live in times of so much hate and insecurity, and Matriarchy is about building communities that support women. I feel really strongly about the vision for a Matriarchy, now more than ever, and feel that with every passing day the need for communities of powerful women leaders becomes more pressing. Women are going to lead us into the future that we need.

B: What inspired the slogan and why do you feel it’s so important to share with the world?

C: The slogan actually started as a hashtag on Instagram at my high school. There was a really ugly situation with this boy who was posting racist comments online and the administration doing next to nothing about it, so ‘Matriarchy now!’ was a demand for change. It was calling out the patriarchal structures that were protecting this boy, and how the situation at our school was just a microcosm of the greater patriarchal structures that protect predators in our social and judicial structures today.


I am really inspired by the idea of Matriarchy because it doesn’t bring anyone down. It is a positive vision for the future, where women are empowered, as well as men.

Model in Matriarchy Now underwear

B: In such a politically charged climate, I assume you’ve gotten some mixed reactions from people who may not understand the message. What do you have to say to those people?

C: The most common misconception is that Matriarchy is just the opposite of patriarchy, where women are at the top and they oppress all men. It isn’t. I have actually found that some women get quite offended by it because they feel it puts down men, and that is not something that they want to identify with, but it is truly meant to be a declaration of your own power. Men need to be just as much a part of the Matriarchy as women do. It is not defined by gender, it is defined by elevating women and working towards equality.

Models in Matriarchy Now underwear

B: You’re a student that’s running a business and also currently abroad in Bali. What’s the best learning experience you’ve had while there so far? 

C: I have always been one to overcommit my schedule, and though I thrive in the chaos, I have also learned the value of choosing my priorities and sticking to them. It can be really painful to turn down a project or put aside something you love in order to commit yourself to other things. In many ways, I am taking this year off so that I can focus on Matriarchy, so by the time I am in school next year it can exist on its own without my constant care and supervision.

B: What characteristic do you most admire in other creative women?

C: A real sense of self and confidence in what they do. I believe that the work you create is not separate from yourself and that it is powerful to use that identity in tandem with your creative work. I think it is so important for women in the creative industry to support and uplift one another, and not see other women as their competition, but as important parts of the expanding narrative.

B: Where do you look for daily inspiration? 

C: I am always on Instagram, definitely more than I feel like I should be, but I love following different artists, photographers, writers and just seeing my friends flourish, grow and create. It can be a very powerful community.

I listen to Hidden Brain, a podcast by NPR, almost religiously, and it makes me consider the way we are conditioned to think, and how the world around us has been manufactured very intentionally to gain specific outcomes. If anything, the familiarity with the host’s voice just makes me feel calm. Also, I’m a big fan of Modern Love.

B: What music puts you in a creative/inspired mood?

C: Anything from Bjork to Amy Winehouse to Arctic Monkeys. I have a deep love for Noname, Gabriel Garzon Montano, King Princess, and I have been listening to an amazing album that my friend is on called Heatwave by Michelle.

B: Do you have any self-care rituals that help keep you grounded?

C: I recently begun making daily lists for myself that have different sections of things that I need to do and things that I do for myself that I check off every day. It helps me to remember that taking care of myself is just as important as the getting things done for work.

Two male models in Matriarchy Now! t-shirts

B: “Matriarchy Now” is quickly catching fire and popping up all over social media. Where do you see your brand headed and what does success mean to you?

C: For me, Matriarchy is a vision for the future that I want to be accessible to everyone, so I see myself moving away from manufacturing clothing and making it an open source project that people can grab onto and make their own. Success happens in moments when I see people resonate with and feel empowered by the things I make. Gaining recognition for the work that you do and seeing how it is appreciated by others make it worth all the work.

B: What advice do you have for young women reading this that aspire to start their own businesses?

C: Find your cause and build something amazing. A central focus of Matriarchy is on sustainability and making sure that we are not contributing to the enormous strain fashion puts on the planet. We are in such an over-saturated world of ‘stuff’, so if you are going to contribute to the market of material things, or participate in it in any way, you have to be making a positive impact.  

B: Where can readers go to find “Matriarchy Now” merch?

C:, coming soon to Bulletin NYC, and Fairlight!

Matriarchy Now! merch
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  1. Let’s hear it for those young women that will grow up with the knowledge they have the power, all they need to accomplish anything! Thanks for writing the article, Ms Cataldi. And thanks for the inspiration, Chiara.