Has UGG’s New Line of Shoes, Fluff Power, Come Just a Moment Too Late?



To be an ultimate style queen of the seventh grade, there were a few requirements. 1. At least 5 pairs of Pink leggings. 2. Hair straightened like an uncooked spaghetti noodle. 3. A trusty pair of UGGS so water-stained, so worn, that they look like a pile of…

It’s been a hot minute since we last put on a pair of UGGs. But for a long time, they were the shoes of choice for many teen girls. Currently, mine now lie tucked away in the back of my old bedroom closet, waiting to see the light of day, along with some expired drugstore makeup and a handful of neglected stuffed animals. But has the day come where they can see the light once again? Well… maybe.

A quick google of the word “Ugg” produces search results showcasing a new line of shoes completely detached from the boots we all knew and loved. Instead, the image that pops up is a bright, fuzzy, pink slipper: a derivative of PUMA Fenty x Rihanna slides and a streamlined version of every uber-trendy style in the Marshalls footwear department.

The line, released early this summer, is called Fluff Power, and includes an array of eight styles, with prices ranging from $100-$170. Only one boot is included, the rest are slippers or heels.


Clearly, UGG is trying its hardest to revamp their brand from Middle School Queen to Gen-Z Guru – but have they gone too far?

“Meet the group of creatives who embody UGG. They’re bold, free-spirited, and forward-thinking.” This is the description of the brand’s customer base, found on their website. UGG has always claimed to appeal to the bohemian, Cali-surfer-type who seeks an earthy, comfortable lifestyle. While this is perhaps their most loyal base, their real sales come from the girls who strive to stay on-trend. Even in my young teens, it was a normalized phenomenon to own as many pairs of UGGs as you could, simply to fit in. Perhaps this explains UGG’s recent delve into hyper-focused trendiness, as their original target audience begins to grow up.

I was curious to see what other people thought of Fluff Power. In a poll conducted through my Instagram stories, with followers ranging from Midwest suburbanites, to FIT students, to NYC/California bloggers, 70% were anti-rebrand. Additionally, about 20% of voters claimed they still wore their classic UGGs regularly.

“I get wanting to be on trend, but pulling from other designs [Fenty] that already had their moment, while completely shifting your branding to focus on a different style demographic is a high-risk move, it’ll be interesting to see if it pays off,” said one voter. Additionally, nearly everyone I talked to noticed a strong resemblance between the Fluff Yeah slide and PUMA Fenty x Rihanna footwear, due to a nearly-identical shade of pink, the similar logo, and of course, the fur.

Another voiced her concerns about Fluff Power’s practicality. After all, UGG’s signature sheepskin got tattered enough on the inside of our boots – imagine getting caught in the rain, the mud, or even snow.  

Finally, “vegans are screaming,” as the lifestyle gains popularity within UGG’s earthy and peace-loving customer base… and leaving UGG behind for sustainable, vegan footwear.

Whether or not Fluff Power gains traction within the fashion community, there is no doubt that this will soon become a more widespread practice with other brands of nostalgia, searching to make money off the Gen-Z demographic once again. Perhaps, the success of UGG will dictate whether other brands follow suit. I’ll say this much: It will take a lot more effort to leave me saying Fluff Yeah to this (re)boot.



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