Has Fall Come Too Early?

By Emma Cullen

In case you haven’t noticed, fall is in full swing. From the Starbucks’ best-selling pumpkin spice latte to a sign I saw in midtown advertising pumpkin flavored pizza (nope, I’m not kidding), fall flavored items are EVERYWHERE. Despite the 90-degree heat and brutal humidity, it seems that New York City residents are embracing the incoming season. But at what point do we ask ourselves, has fall come too early?

One man in Philadelphia is not so excited about the explosion of fall merchandise. Sean Bauer took to Instagram and posted a photo of himself protesting the pumpkin spice latte in front of a Wawa to share his cause with the world. He believes that everyone’s favorite coffee flavor has been introduced far too early in the season, and he’s taking to the streets to voice his opinion. Honestly, I get his point, I mean for god’s sake people there are Halloween advertisements and it’s not even October! McDonald’s started selling their pumpkin spice coffee’s on August 31st, and Dunkin’ Donuts rolled out a new pumpkin menu (including baked goods and coffee) on August 29th. I love my PSL as much as the next girl, but that’s just TOO EARLY. Especially when you live in the northern part of the country, when cold seasons seem to last forever, I think I’d like to hold on to summer just a little longer.

However, students in Texas are suffering from blazing hot 100 degree days and will for awhile. After speaking with some girls at University of Texas at Austin, it appears that they want fall to come as soon as possible. Similar weather is happening in all over the south, and people are tired of it. This could prove to be unfortunate for the southern Starbucks’s that will surely see a decline in pumpkin spice latte sales.

It has often been a common trend in the fashion industry to roll out fall clothes way before the air gets cooler, although the marketing used for back to school sales have shown that selling fall items in August and September does work. People want to get prepared, and who doesn’t get a little excited planning their fall wardrobe? So many sweaters! Store merchandise will also vary slightly by region as well, so even though the Saks Fifth Avenue NYC store already has a large display of fur and ponchos, doesn’t mean the Miami store will as well. In terms of apparel, it makes sense to get those fall items on the sales floor earlier, but with food and drink items, it may not make as much sense.


Who wants to drink a hot coffee on a sweltering hot day? Not many people. Dairy Queen took an interesting approach by making a pumpkin pie flavored blizzard treat. (For those of you who don’t know what a blizzard is, first of all I’m sorry for you, and second of all it’s a blended ice cream dessert along the lines of the McDonald’s McFlurry). The pumpkin pie blizzard can also be made into an ice cream cake, and is currently featured for the September DQ flavor of the month. Starbucks has occasionally offered pumpkin spice flavored ice latte’s or Frappuccino’s, which would be ideal for this time of the year, but they don’t receive anywhere near the same amount of publicity that the PSL does.

Whether people are ready for fall or not, it is coming. I personally could do without the excessive amounts of Halloween decorations in September, but I will always enjoy a PSL, no matter the season.  

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