Editor’s Picks: Grace Brings it Back to School

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Ah, yes. We are in the lovely month of September, thus triggering the transition from 11 AM wakeup calls and endless instagram scrolling to 9 AM classes and hundred dollar textbooks. While I enjoy being back at FIT, back to school can be bliss for some and brutal for others. To make the switch, here’s a list of items that I’ve been using pretty frequently to get myself back on track to being a regular human being. I have to say, it’s refreshing.

The backdrop to every successful school year is a picture-perfect poster wall, of course. My favorite items of interest are posters from this independent artist and this musician. I also have this light-up cloud hanging on my wall that makes my room so dreamy! A September pick I wish I had was good tape to hold them up. They really love to fall down on me while I sleep; love that.

Also adorned on my walls and desk are watercolor paintings. They’re fun to make, give, and get. I painted the red dog after my pet Lolly, and the blonde girl was a gift from my roommate.

To keep our dorm all fine and dandy, we’re really trying to use all-natural products. Mrs. Meyers and “clean” Tide Pods are working well so far, as well as “Linen and Sky” scented Febreze spray. Ooh la la! No dust bunnies here!

In my fridge is a vast array of items that always go bad much faster than I anticipate – but my snap peas, Trader Joe’s lemon snaps and half-moon cookies have been making my mouth water like no other.

In this Ikea cart named RASKOG (lol) that I use as a nightstand, I keep this Glam Glow face mask sampler that I’m too broke to actually buy. Anyone wanna Venmo me? @grace-peisker :))) I will put your donations in my canvas tote bag.

Lastly, without darkness there can’t be light – and without school work there can’t be TV. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been my binge of choice and holy cats, I am such a Jake! Please watch it so we can discuss in the comments.

Anyways, that is all for this month. I feel as though I’m running out of material items to obsess over, so recommend some! Adieu, until the next medley.  

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