Gigi Hadid and Stuart Weitzman: Fall’s Dynamic Duo

By Taylor Bushey

Another Gigi Hadid campaign has been released for the fall-winter 2016, so head to stores prepared to spend money. If her collaboration wasn’t enough with Tommy Hilfiger, then the new Stuart Weitzman shoe collection certainly will be.

Pictures of the campaign involve Hadid high-kicking while modeling classic thigh-boots as well as short booties. Hadid’s favorite exercise method is kickboxing, so it makes sense that she looks flawless with every action shot in the shoot. Her hair is slicked back and her outfit is rather simplistic so that the main focus is on footwear. The black and white shoot is photographed by the highly acclaimed Mario Testino, who has worked with Weitzman in the past as well as Vogue, Burberry and many more.

Hadid was involved in a similar shoot with Weitzman last spring, as well. In this shoot she modeled sky-high black buckled heels while posing on a chair. The vibe of the shoot was similar to this one, being shot in black and white and having the model dressed minimally with hair and makeup to match. The only difference is the array of action shots.


According to Refinery29, this isn’t the first time Weitzman has mixed action with his shoes. The idea rests on the fact that the brand wants customers to know that the shoes are comfortable and should be worn to help people look good and enhance their daily struggles such as sprinting to the subway or juggling multiple packages while crossing the street. In a first campaign video for the brand last fall, the camera pans to Gisele Bünchen running down a hallway and dancing in various high-heeled shoes that normally people would find hard to walk in, let alone do any other physical activity.

Aside from Hadid being a supermodel, she works well with the idea of the campaign. She and her family are always on the move, whether it’s traveling to another country to work fashion week or expanding their career initiatives through other avenues, it’s rare to see them on a day off.

In an interview, Hadid is excited to say that this can be added to her list of accomplishments and that she’s honored to have the opportunity for this to be her career, and her followers are right behind her cheering her on because Weitzman’s latest campaign displays girl power at it’s finest.    

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