Get the Look: ’90s It Girl

Inspiration to take your wardrobe back a couple decades.

Plaid, Plaid, and More Plaid

From grunge to preppy, plaid defined the 1990s. So far, in 2018, plaid has made an enormous comeback, specifically a la Cher from Clueless. Today, many designers are taking notice of this trend. Versace’s fall 2018 show featured models in primary color plaid prints that definitely gave off Cher Horowitz vibes. Will Clueless-inspired fashion ever die? As if!  

Matching Sets

Matching sets—or co-ord sets—were immensely popular in the ’90s. This trend stemmed from the matching sets of the ’80s, which were characterized by a lot of neon and spandex. In the ’90s, these sets evolved to be more about skirts with a jacket or top of the same print. Plaid was an obvious choice of many because the pattern was so popular in the decade.

In regard to color, neutrals were definitely worn, but colorful matching sets were also a huge craze. Cher’s iconic matching plaid yellow blazer and skirt is a great example of how this trend was, and still is worn. Today, you can easily find matching sets in some of your favorite stores, such as Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. Even stores like Target, which has recently launched a new clothing brand that features many pieces inspired by past decades, has gotten in on this revitalized trend.

Combat Boots

Combat boots, more specifically Dr. Martens, were the footwear of the ’90s. Made famous by the grunge and alternative aesthetic, they soon became wildly popular everywhere. Fast forward to today, and they are just as huge. Pair them with a dress for a girly look, or with mom jeans and a crop top for a true throwback outfit. If combat boots aren’t your style, try out some Mary Janes or oxfords. Bottom line, there’s a ’90s shoe out there for everyone.

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