Gen-Z Yellow to Replace Millennial Pink

Hey Gen-Z––turn on your Coldplay throwback playlist––because things are about to get yellow.

If you haven’t already noticed the craze, Gen-Z yellow is the sunlit hue that has been illuminating your instagram feed, the runway, and the FIT campus.

Starting this summer, brands began to sell products in this shade to attract the newest market: generation Z. Gen-Z consumers range from ages two to 19, meaning the oldest Gen-Z’s are––hey––us!!

The students here at FIT–and across the United States–are fashionable young adults, and a budding, expanding market that can only grow. Since more kids will start maturing and entering the consumer world, it is important for brands to create items just for them, which has resulted in the unicorn frappuccino, the revival of crocs, and of course, yellow.

Not only is this color extremely profitable, it is also cute, exciting, and vastly different than colors that have been blooming in fashion prior to 2017.

As proof, Pantone color “Meadowlark” is at the top of the list for 2018’s color trend predictions, which shows, “a confident and outgoing bright yellow shade,” that is “glistening with joy and illuminating the world around us.” How delightful! Followed are several shades of millennial pinks, so people can choose between regular and strawberry lemonade.

Blog Man Repeller cites the birth of Gen-Z yellow to Petra Collins, who began using the hue to tint her photographs months ago, instead of the millennial pink lighting she used to launch her career. It is perhaps so appealing to teens and young adults because it is so youthful, exciting, and bold.

However, this color is not exclusive to the youngins of the world. Millennials are hopping on this banana boat, because besides being a trending color, it’s also really darn cute.

It’s been a minute since yellow has been a powerful player in the fashion world. But with the zest (literally) and ever-growing market of the Gen-Z’s, signs show that it’s here to stay.

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