FIT Presents “Future of Fashion” Runway Show

Every year, the graduating BFA Fashion Design students present their work on the runway  – showing the talent that will be leading the fashion industry within the next few years.

On the first Thursday in May, FIT’s “Future of Fashion” 2018 graduate collection dress rehearsal began at four. I was by the door at 3:30, having learned my lesson about lines for fashion shows in New York. Being “fashionably late” has become gauche, unless you want to be stuck in standing-only. The line soon went out the door – and this was a dress rehearsal, not the main event.  The show at 7:00 I can only liken to the Met Gala; a by invite only to-do written about by WWD and live streamed on Vogue Runway to a worldwide audience.

Once we were let into the rehearsal, I was seated a row back from the runway. Soon, industry professionals, professors and students alike were angling for the front row seats. Minutes later, the show began with a video explaining how you have to be a good storyteller to run a brand in 2018, along with being a technology-savvy, trend-setting and innovative designer and businessperson. “We look forward to following the student designer’s careers as the future of fashion,” the narrator stated. Then the spotlight hit the runway and the music was beating in time with the model’s catwalk – showing everything from avant-garde streetwear to chunky knitwear to Victoria Secret-ready lingerie (which got an awed hush from the crowd, and the biggest applause of the show) along with colorful childrenswear.

Here are my standout favorites:

A look by Phuong Vo
A look by Emily Luberto
A look by Zhuoqiao Lai
A look by Charlotte Sasko
A look by Cheng Tay Li
A look by Norissa White-Isaacs
A look by Chaya Hofman
A look by Lauren Barkley
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