Find Out About Glossier’s Major Cult Following, And Why You Should Be Part of It

If you haven’t heard of Glossier by now, you’ve probably been living under a rock these past few years. Founded by Emily Weiss, this makeup and skin care brand is Emily’s response to the lack of consumer insight within the beauty industry. She was bothered by her experience with beauty brands, so she started a blog in 2010 called Into the Gloss, where she candidly interviewed women — from celebrities such as Kim Kardashian to makeup magnates like Bobbi Brown — and highlighted their beauty “must haves” and daily routines. The blog soon became a popular site, allowing women to share their experience with different skincare and makeup products, which led Weiss to approach venture capitalists with a vague idea about a product line. She told them that for three years, she’d been spending her days having conversations with women who had a lot to say about what the big beauty brands weren’t doing for them. After the launch of Glossier in 2014, the brand became a cult-favorite overnight, single-handedly unveiling a new way of looking at beauty. No more chiseled cheekbones created by contour palettes, but instead a no-makeup, minimalist approach. In 2016, Emily disclosed to Business Insider that her goal through all of this has always been to help women feel more comfortable in their own skins, instead of using makeup as a “mask.” From the start, Glossier has always had an open relationship with its customers. The brand’s most replenished product, the Milky Jelly face wash, actually came to be when Weiss asked her readers what they’d want in their dream cleanser. According to Fast Company, Glossier has grown 600% year over year since then.

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