Emma Watson: A Modern Feminist Icon

By: Ryann Casey


In an inspiring two minute video for Global Goals, Emma Watson explains why everyone should be a feminist.

It’s the 1964 Olympics. Each woman is competing from a different country. Rosie Bonds from the United States, Pamela Kilborn from Australia, Karin Balzer from Germany, T. Ciepla from Poland and Ikuku Yoda from Japan, all slowly approach the start line. We’re given their names and country of origin to show that these are real individual women from all over the world coming together.

As Sia’s “Chandelier” plays lowly in the background, Emma takes us through key historical events that have brought us to the freedom we know today. We watch these strong Olympic women race towards success, hurdling in unison over anything that has kept them back. The symbolism is strong and effective.


We watch these women leap bounds towards equality leaving oppression behind piece by piece, issue by issue. Women have always faced hurdles, and despite many setbacks we consistently power through them. These past obstacles are things we often take for granted now, like the right to vote, receive an education, be paid fair wages, and hold political power.

It is important to know our roots and never forget the women and movements of the past that birthed the freedom we rejoice in today. It’s our duty to understand this history and celebrate these great accomplishments. But the race towards equality isn’t over.

People think we don’t need feminism. It’s 2016 going on 2017, and the misconception that women are equal is a misinformed setback in itself. There is still so much more to accomplish. With 13 million child brides a year, 62 million girls still out of school, and 1 in 3 women who regularly experience violence, this is a global and ongoing fight for equality that is far from won. It’s a long hard fight we need to take one step (or hurdle) at a time.


Emma Watson, unlike many famous actresses, uses her social platform to not only openly and proudly claim to be a feminist, but actually work to further the cause and help women all over the globe. She delivers inspiring speeches and works within the United Nations as a Global Goodwill Ambassador, Emma launched a campaign called “HeForShe” that is an inclusive call on men and boys world wide to advocate an end to gender inequality.

Awareness is key, and we are fighting for the rights of women everywhere. Equality knows no geographical prejudice. As other women fight for freedom it is our duty to stand by, support and fight with them. We must win equality together.

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