Editor Grace’s Monthly Medley – June

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It’s the month of June and since school is officially out of session I’ve been turning to some materialistic comforts to fill the void. For instance, I’ve been wearing electric blue sunglasses that I found at the 6th avenue market similar to these to remind myself of the city. In a weirder turn of events, I’ve also found solace in Zara men’s swim trunks. They’re uber comfortable and also really fun to tell people about.

Meanwhile, I’m snacking on Inner Peas as a substitute for meditating like millennial wellness websites keep telling me I should. I’m also listening to this crime podcast that’s making me way more paranoid than I should be in suburbia. And while the peas aren’t curing my worries, at least I can snack while I listen.

On the beauty side of things, I’m using aloe vera as a topical cream, Tarte mascara, and Urban Decay sheer lipstick in the shade Snitch for that glowy summer finish the aforementioned wellness websites scream about.

As I traipse around in swim trunks and snitchy lips I am listening to this new album by the Arctic Monkeys that has added some really rad tracks to my summer playlist. For breezy beach reading I recommend this autobiography by the designer Elsa Schiaparelli.

Maybe I’ll be feeling more settled by July, but until then I’m dreaming of being back in NYC with all of my favorite things from above.


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