Eco-lumn: 5 Cruelty-Free Brands that are Changing the Beauty Game

At Blush and at FIT, sustainability is a major cause we care about. Eco-lumn (a play on the words eco and column) serves to inform our readers on the ongoing changes and advances within the sustainability movement throughout the world.


Sustain Yoself

Twin sisters Geevie and Sophia created a blog about zero waste (sustainable) living, and now sell homemade deodorant, lip/cheek balms, and lotion bars. All of the ingredients are natural and cruelty-free. The packaging is the best part of this small brand, glass containers and tins are used with the intention that you will reuse them after, and what can’t be reused is made from compostable materials. 



Acure has been around for a little bit longer, and has more of a product variety. Again all the ingredients are natural and vegan, but we do want to note the packaging could be more eco-friendly. Acure donates to United for Her breast cancer nonprofit as well as Turning Green, a student run group focusing on education and advocacy of sustainability.


Juice Beauty

Karen Behnke is a wellness entrepreneur, who built one of the first corporate wellness companies in the country. After both of her pregnancies in 2004, she was still shocked at the lack of regulation in chemicals found in beauty products. Juice Beauty was born and Behnke has worked with PhD chemists, physicians, and microbiologists on the formulas ever since. 


Fanciful Fox

Based right here in Brooklyn, founded and run by a mother and daughter. All natural, vegan, bath and body products made in small batches. You can order from their website directly or find them at pop up events all over the tristate area! The duo notes that they try their hardest to keep prices fair because of their high quality ingredients, all labels, printing, and packaging is done in house to save on costs. 


Elate Beauty

Elate has 5 main focuses- Impact, Ethics, Community, Future, Mission. Not only do they have healthy natural ingredients but their packaging is low waste as well! Their goal is to be the first waste free beauty brand. 

“We believe that individual rituals can create a global impact, and encourage small shifts in habit and mindset that everyone can make.”