Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ Album Review

On June 29th, Drake released his fifth studio album, Scorpion.  Certified double platinum on its release day, Scorpion is already one of the most commercially successful albums of this year. The album includes features from Jay-Z, Ty Dolla Sign, Michael Jackson, Static Major – not to forget samples from artists such as James Fauntleroy, PartyNextDoor, Nicki Minaj, Lauryn Hill, City Girls, Future, Nai Palm and Mariah Carey. As you can imagine, there are plenty of new moody lyrics to sift through for Instagram captions.

If there’s one thing Drake knows is how to create a narrative. The months leading up to Scorpion saw the release of four singles, “God’s Plan,” “Nice For What”, etc. One month before the album drop, Drake faced a harsh blow to his ‘good guy’ persona, when Pusha T put out a diss-track that accused Drake of “hiding a child,” with model and actress, Sophie Brusseauz. The timing of the accusation seemed almost too perfect, and left fans clamoring for Drake’s response in Scorpion.

The ‘A’ side opens up with “Survival”, with Drake saying “the crown is broken in pieces”. “Emotionless” explores superficial emptiness of technology. “I know a girl happily married ‘til she puts down her phone.” The ‘A’ side closes with “Is There More,” where he asks the important questions of, “Is there more to life than all of these corporate ties / And all of these fortunate times / And all of these asses that never come in proportionate size?”

The ‘B’ side opens up with “Peak”. The album ends with “March 14”, where Drake finally addressed the claims that he has a child.  “Look at the way we live,” Drake raps. “I wasn’t hidin’ my kid from the world / I was hidin’ the world from my kid.” Embracing fatherhood, the ultimate challenge for Drake, is finally addressed and conquered in the closing track. In this, he settles the score: he is the ‘good guy’, after all.

Ultimately, Scorpion sees the evolution of paranoid, self-obsessed, technology-consumed Drake. Rolling Stone describes Drake as “The Poet Laureate of the Instagram Generation.” Over the years, Drake has honed his craft of being able to accurately capture the trials and tribulations of navigating love and self-awareness in the modern age. Scorpion sees Drake in his most evolved form. He has settled into his role as ‘good guy’ and Instagram philosopher.

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