DIY Beauty: Skin Breaking Out? Don’t Break the Bank

By Ama Corrieri

With beauty bloggers pitching the latest products to us via the Instagram explore page at all hours – it’s hard to not break the bank. If you’re a lover of all things beauty like me, you love to be up-to-date with the next way trendy ‘miracle’ mask or serum.

However, if you are also a college student like me –it can be hard to afford such luxuries.

Thus, in the past few years DIY beauty has rocketed to the forefront of current trends offering a way to feel chic and look fresh. Companies like Lush have been leading the movement since the late 90’s in the UK until they migrated outward to the US in the early 2000’s. Now with about 230 locations in the US alone, you can spot Lush products on all your friends’ shelves.

Focusing on natural beauty solutions, Lush is known for their masks and bath bombs. Every product outlines its ingredients and exactly who made it. While the prices range from $10-$30, for some this price point of a relaxing fresh mask can be a bit steep. However, there is a kick: the ‘5 pot program’. Bring back 5 empty pots of your favorite product to your local Lush and receive a FREE face mask.

Yes, I hear you.

“That’s great and all but it’s going to cost me like $100”

So let’s keep this between me and you, but maybe you could, I don’t know — make it at home?

Popular bloggers such as Farah D Hukai (@farahdhukai) and Rawal Sethi (@kaurvanity) have pulled their large following by posting easy DIY beauty tutorial videos. The short clips typical of Instragam include upbeat music and a demonstration of what ingredients to use and how. The recipes are easily completed with a trip to your local holistic shop, Whole Body or even Trader Joe’s!

Too good to be true? Nope!

Think back to before civilization had even heard of chemical enhancements such as fillers, parabens and preservatives. How did everyone stay so beautiful? Did ancient Egyptians use lotion with phthalates? Did the women of the Sultan’s harem have cetyl alcohol in their shampoos? Did the Queen of England have BHA in her face powder? Shot in the dark here — no.

We can channel that organic mind set even in a day and age where everything we put on our body has a shelf life of 6 years and a price point of 6 meals. Helping the planet and our bodies stay healthy has never been easier. A quick Pinterest search of “DIY beauty” gives you an endless supply of recipes to tend to any skin ailment. Here are a few great tips and recipes that will give you and your bank account relief-

Tighten and brighten with:

½ tsp Coconut Oil

1 Egg White

½ tsp Lemon Juice

Mix, Apply

15 minutes

Soothe eye bags with:

2 used Green Tea bags

Brew, Cool bags in fridge, Set on top of eyes, Lay down, Relax, Sip tea

15 minutes

Moisturize dry hair with:

½ Avocado

½ tsp Olive Oil

Mix, Apply to damp hair

10 minutes




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