DiCaprio’s Oscar Win

By Samantha Ayala

The day we have all been waiting for has finally happened. After years of waiting, Leonardo DiCaprio has won an Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in The Revenant. This may be DiCaprio’s first Oscar win, but this isn’t his first nomination. He has had other Oscar nominations for the same award category in his films The Aviator, Blood Diamond, and The Wolf of Wall Street. Along with being nominated for Best Performance by An Actor in a Leading Role, The Wolf Of Wall Street was also, nominated for Best Motion Picture of the Year in 2014.

His Oscar journey began with his first nomination in 1994 for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Unfortunately, he lost to another actor or movie every time. DiCaprio has won over 40 awards within his acting career, and now one of them is an Oscar. Out of the six times he’s been nominated, it leaves us wondering what differentiated The Revenant from his other acting roles.


DiCaprio is able to take on any character and go above and beyond to portray them on screen. Lovers of his films notices his talent and believes each of his characters as their stories unfold. However, the Academy thought differently. No matter how amazing the viewers think a DiCaprio movie is, the Academy makes the ultimate decision. With that said, they must of thought DiCaprio didn’t put enough effort or emphasis on a character to make the film a total success. They aren’t necessarily saying he’s a terrible actor, but they believed that other actors were more worthy of the award than DiCaprio. That was, of course, till The Revenant caught the attention of both audiences and the Academy. His commitment to his character, Hugh Glass, was impossible to miss. It was said he actually ate raw meat and slept in animal carcasses. The film was more different than his usual good looking characters with irresistible smirks and suave way personality. The Revenant revealed the true story of a rugged man who survived a bear attack, watched his son get murdered, survived hazardous conditions, and, in the end, found redemption.


Whichever factor it was, the Academy must have seen something that told them, “This is Oscar worthy.” Not only is this a nod to The Revenant, but this is a nod to all the other films DiCaprio acted in. Let’s applaud him for another job well done and for, this time around, taking home the win. Congratulations Leonardo DiCaprio. You finally won!



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