The Source of Saturation: Copenhagen as a Growing Fashion Capital

The fashionista uniform use to be a clean, minimalist, head-to-toe black look, but lately, my Instagram feed looks like a rainbow of mixed prints vibrant hues. This summer’s mantra seems to be, “the more color the better.”

While New York, Paris, and Milan try their hand at color, the source of saturation seems to be coming from the streets of Copenhagen. Upon discovering the “Copenhagen blogger-sphere,” I’ve noticed its gradual influence throughout the fashion industry—and my own closet as well.

Below I listed a few of my favorite Copenhagen-based influencers and designers so you too can take inspiration from this funky movement.

@annejohannsen is one of the original Copenhagen influencers. Her Instagram follows a strictly pastel color palette, wearing everything from high-end designers, to unique vintage pieces. She’s a huge fan of the monochromatic movement- or the very opposite, pairing every color of the pastel rainbow in a single outfit.

Blogger and stylist, @emilisindlev, is known for her eccentric, colorful, and glam style. She tends to wear more high-end luxury designer items, but keeps it unique by mix-matching bold colors and prints.

19-year-old @annasarlvit is one of my favorites, and I have to say, I gather most of my fashion inspiration from her playful and bright vibe. She’s always sporting a colorful oversized silhouette and signature dad sneakers or sandals, topped with punchy bucket hats and chunky jewelry.

Following these fashion it-girls led me to the question: who are the mastermind designers behind this new fashion capital? Upon further research, I discovered Danish brands, Ganni, Saks Potts, and Stine Goya. Lucky for us, these designers are sold online and at retailers like Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, so we can enjoy Danish style without having to hop on a direct flight.

Ganni is one of the most popular Copenhagen-based brands, is known for their mixture of prints and fabrics that make for a colorful and upbeat aesthetic.

One of the hottest brands of the year is Saks Potts. The Kardashian-Jenners are particular fans of the brand, especially their youngest fashion follower, North West, who wears Saks Potts on the reg. One of North’s most iconic outfits is the lime green set, pictured above.

Then there’s Stine Goya– the dreamiest brand on Instagram right now. Their clothes are covered in an amazing masterpiece of shimmering sequins, pastel ruffles, and romantic fabrics.

If you’ve caught the Copenhagen color bug, be sure to check out other honorable mentions, like Anni Lu, Hvisk, and Gestuz. And don’t forget to tag @blushmagfit in your OOTD’s!