Choked Out

The Accessory for every occasion

By: Ryann Casey

A choker is THE accessory that completes every look. As much of a staple as any statement jewelry, the right choker ties together an outfit, and makes any hair/makeup combo cool and complete. Velvet or pleather in the winter, woven cotton in the summer, gold and silver in the spring and fall, the choker is timeless, season-less and limitless.

The choker necklace has been around for longer than you may know. Women during the French Revolution would wear a red ribbon around their necks to symbolize solidarity with those who’d been guillotined. During the 1800’s a tied black ribbon around the neck could be viewed as a symbol that someone was a prostitute, and in the late 1800’s upscale jeweled chokers were a mark of the elite, made up of diamonds, lace, pearls and velvet. In the 1940’s the “dog collar” was a trend with ads showing how they were cute for both pets and their owners.

dog collar

Moving into the 90’s chokers were everywhere. With the mid 90’s came spiked dog collars and silver ball chains, tattoo chokers in varying primary colors to match every outfit, and a growing assortment of different styles and ways to wear them.


Currently chokers are re-surging, and with more styles appearing every day there is no question that the chokers time to shine is now. As seen on countless celebrities and runway shows like Oscar de la Renta, Alexander Wang and Fenty X Puma, chokers aren’t just back, but better than ever.


Choke up with a single bold piece or layer on varieties of different materials and lengths. Play with style color, pattern, material and length to find the perfect choker for every look.

Here’s some choker inspiration as seen on celeb style icons to add variation to your accessory arsenal, and amp up your choker game.

Topped Off


The choker top is an all in one, chic and easy way to decorate your neck without having to search for the right choker to match your outfit.  The choker is built in to the top with a connective strip of cloth leading up your back to the attached choker you simply slip over your head. Get the look here.

All Tied Up


The tie choker is a quick way to make simple string into a statement accessory. Instead of the over-worn tattoo choker or plain black cord, the tie in the front is a casual way to grunge up your look with unique flare. Leave the tie long and hanging or tie in a small bow depending on the neckline of your top and level of allure desired. Get the look here.

Charmer, I’m Sure


Personlize your choker with a small silver or gold charm that means something to you. String your favorite charm or pendant on some black or dark brown cord to make a choker that is as perfectly suited to your character as it is to your outfit. The charm choker is perfect for everyday wear. Vamp it up with deep oxblood lips or tone it down with no-makeup makeup. Get the look here.



Mix and match chokers of different styles, lengths and materials for a dramatized but carefree look. Like bangle bracelets for your neck, layered chokers bring sass and a fun element that is quirky, cute and totally customizable. Mixing and matching your necklace will also help create a wider spread of jewelry options for you to switch up and vary for your every mood and ensemble. Keep hair sleek and makeup simple so the look isn’t too cluttered, dense and heavy. Get the look here.

Lace Trim


Where femininity meets edge, the lace choker is a delicate accessory that frames your face the way lace frames your lingerie. With stunning yet simplistic detail, opt for a black lace choker in the evening to go with your little black dress and statement lip, and a nude or white lace during the day to go with your sun dress and glowing skin. Get the look here.

Star Studded


The edgiest of all chokers, studded pleather is the sure style to revamp and dramatize your look. Wear with anything and everything from a bomber jacket and crop top to a simple jean mini dress. Rock with daring makeup and docs or baby pink lips and flushed cheeks to juxtapose the bold neck piece. Get the look here.

Wrapped in Ribbon


The black ribbon choker is a classic look that can be effortlessly grungy when paired with a band tee, jeans and a smoky eye or elegant and sophisticated when worn with a sexy silk slip dress or red carpet ready gown with a deep slit and soft fresh faced makeup. Get the look here.

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