How to Chill-Proof Your Beauty Routine

By Avanti Dalal


Summer has left the building (well, almost), taking with it the increased humidity and tinted moisturizer. While we’ve spent the last few months in a sea of sweat, fall is now forcing us to layer up crèmes, balms and oils included.

Upgrade your moisturizer

Navigating skincare labels might feel like being back in advanced chemistry class, but while shopping around for a new moisturizer, look out for ingredients like glycerin or hyaluronic acid. These humectants help pull moisture from the air into your skin.


Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream Dry/Very Dry is chock full of ceramides, glycerin and dimethicone, making it the perfect cold-weather night cream.


For a day cream that moisturizes and primes, Glossier Priming Moisturizer is a hyaluronic acid accented dream.

Don’t be afraid to play mad scientist

Skin reacts differently to the change in weather, so layering thirst-quenching products can result in a perfect hybrid. Serums are like a tall drink of water for the skin because the smaller molecules allow the active ingredients to penetrate deeper, which ups the effectiveness.


Worn under a rich crème moisturizer, the Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Restorative Treatment Serum counteracts the ruddiness and flakiness that the chilling winds can cause due to the presence of skin-calming agents like cucumber and chamomile.


For a no-holds-barred moisturizing heavy-hitter and a boost in the glow department, adding oils to a skincare routine can do the trick. Indie Lee Squalene Facial Oil is non-comedogenic (which means it does not clog pores) and contains squalene derived from olives, promoting skin elasticity while fighting hyperpigmentation and age spots. Using oil on the body worn under a moisturizing lotion does wonders to keep limbs supple and hydrated.

Don’t forget to tame your tresses

The one plus side of the cold spell? Blowouts that last forever. The humidity levels in the air are lower, which means that hair can stay straighter and bouncier for longer. This allows for skipping a few days for shampooing, letting hair regulate its moisture levels better.


Doubling up on a clarifying shampoo with a conditioner like L’Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Restoring Conditioner, which contains ceramides that seal hair follicles to prevent frizz and dead ends, helps keep the scalp flake-free and healthy.

For windy days that seem to suck all the shine and hydration out, coconut oil straight from the jar in the pantry can soften and coax hair back from the dead.

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