Cheap Eats: Superiority Burger Review

Superiority Burger is a huge New York City food staple. Everything on the menu is vegetarian, and mostly everything can be modified to be made vegan. Plus, they support local farmers and vendors (yes to sustainable living!). For such high quality food, Superior Burger is super affordable—a burger is priced at just $7. As far as burger joints go, this is certainly my go-to spot (sorry, By-Chloe…).


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The Restaurant 

Superiority Burger  is a very popular spot, so there may be a line, especially during peak hours. However, the line moves quickly, and the staff offers super speedy service, so you won’t be left hungry for too long.


This space is a very tight squeeze. They have a small individual desk-like seating area and a few stools by the window. This fast-food joint is best for a grab-and-go kind of experience.  Luckily, it’s located right by Tompkins Square Park which has a plethora of seating and great people-watching.


The Location

Located at 430 E. 9th street, Superiority Burger is surrounded by small local shops, Tompkins Square Park, live music, great bars, and virtually anything else you could want. The East Village is a great place to wander, and offers loads of entertainment for anyone’s price range. 


The Food

Superiority Burger offers a simple menu, full of fresh ingredients served on canteen-style serving trays, complete with kraft paper boats and sandwiches wrapped tightly in deli paper. 


The classic Superiority Burger is stacked, balanced, and perfectly proportioned. The patty itself isn’t mushy or flavorless like some other veggie burgers I’ve had to stomach. The texture of the burger is great; between the toasted bun, crispy patty, and toppings like muenster cheese, crunchy dill pickles, and classic L.O.T., it’s easy to devour this burger in minutes. 


In place of fries, I recommend the burnt broccoli salad for a side. It’s topped with an eggplant spread, cilantro, cashews, and a chili coriander vinaigrette. This side is the perfect size, offering up just the right amount of flavor and texture.


For dessert, they have flavors of gelato and sherbet that change seasonally. You can find which  flavors they’re offering on the specials board which proudly displays their other limited-time digs. 


Superiority Burger also has some really cool merch, so if their delicious food isn’t enticing you to come, maybe a t-shirt will!


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