Cheap Eats – $25 Brunch at Root & Bone

There’s nothing like the feeling of walking through sunny East Village streets on a Saturday morning. Fresh sun rays bouncing off brick buildings are practically bat signals for weekend brunch dates all across the five boroughs. During your next weekend stroll through the neighborhood, you should check out Root and Bone for the comfort-food feast of your dreams. They have a three-course brunch prix fixe menu, for only $25. For an extra $20 you and your table can make your brunching bottomless and boozy.


Photographed by Aurora Hinz

The Restaurant

Root & Bone


Photographed by Aurora Hinz

The Location

200 East 3rd Street

After you’ve finished your food you can take a mid-afternoon stroll through the East Village’s parks, bookstores, and boutiques in the cozy area. 


Photographed by Aurora Hinz

The Atmosphere 

The atmosphere and decor inside and outside of this restaurant is bright, cozy, and rustic. 


Sausage biscuits and gravy | Photographed by Aurora

The Food

The food is Southern American comfort food with a farm-fresh twist. All of their sides come in small cast-iron serving dishes, adding to the eclectic, southern feel—plus all their ingredients are locally sourced and fresh. 


They have share-able starters, entrees, and sides, making it a great place for a small group of friends that like to pick off each other’s plates. Each entree off of the prix fixe menu includes either deviled eggs or biscuits, sides of home fries, and mac and cheese.


Biscuits and deviled eggs | photographed by Aurora Hinz


The deviled eggs are topped with shoestring potatoes, beet root, and dill. The yolk is creamy, not chalky, with a slight horseradish bite.

The biscuits are dense and cake-like, packed with a super strong buttery flavor, and served with a chick roux, sesame seeds, and flaky sea salt for dipping. The biscuits and gravy featured pieces of spicy breakfast sausage, with a heavy helping of gravy and the same addicting biscuits from earlier with chives for garnish. 

I fell in love with the fried chicken and cheddar waffles during my first visit. The batter on the chicken is light and crispy, the inside is super juicy and packed with savory seasonings. The waffles were served with golden-brown cheddar on each side, with honey sriracha and whiskey maple syrup for a perfect balance of salty and sweet.


Mac n’ cheese and chicken and waffles | photographed by Aurora Hinz


The mac n’ cheese is creamy, without a super sharp cheese flavor. It has broiled cheese, chives, and toasted breadcrumbs with adds great texture to the dish.

Admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of the homefries. I prefer a crispier potatoes, but the flavor is still great — full of garlic, red peppers, and tomatoes and topped with flaky sea salt. 


The bar | photographed by Aurora Hinz

The Drinks 

In addition to all that goodness, they offer a full bar with craft cocktails, lots of different kinds of whiskey, and an extensive beer and wine list. They also have great non-alcoholic drinks, drip coffee, and espresso drinks. Plus, they have over 80 different kinds of whiskey from all over the world. 


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