Channel Your Inner Dad: The Bucket Hat Comeback

From snap-backs, to beanies, to newsboy caps- then back to beanies- our headgear of choice is constantly changing. Today, we focus on none other than: The Bucket Hat.

The bucket hat (formerly worn by farmers and fisherman to protect themselves from the rain) first debuted as a fashion statement during the 1960’s mod movement, and then again during 90’s grunge (Think Marc Jacobs’ 1993 Spring collection for Pyer Moss… and then, how he revived it with the Redux Grunge collection). In the 2000’s, the bucket hat was embraced by dads everywhere. Twenty years later, and it is currently spotted on runways, celebrities, hypebeasts, and everyone in between.

A style that’s fashionable and sensible? Time to channel your inner 2000’s dad, and welcome the bucket hat for spring. Below are 5 hats to help you start your collection.

Prada Black Nylon Hat

Save up your allowance and invest in this nylon bucket hat by Prada. Shield your freshly straightened hair from the rain while also giving off some serious “on an important mission” vibes.  


ASOS White Fluffy Hat

Hesitant to give the bucket hat a chance? Start off with this fluffy style by ASOS. The simple color and shape of this cap make it the perfect bucket hat for beginners.


Urban Outfitters Orange Hawaiian Hat 

Prove your commitment to cool-dad fashion with this bucket hat by Roxy. Tropical vacation not included with purchase.


Ralph Lauren Green Plaid Hat

A+ for this preppy bucket hat by Ralph Lauren. Pairs well with all things collegiate.

Free People Quilted Kangol Hat

Follow in the footsteps of L.L. Cool J by rocking this quilted bucket hat by Kangol. A bucket hat so cool, no one can shame you for trying out the trend.