Burberry Goes Green, Taking Strides Towards a Better Future

Burberry has been committed to creating a better future for quite some time, and the company plans to step up their game even more by 2025. New policies coming into play will reduce their waste and carbon footprint significantly.

The company feels this is a social responsibility of big fashion brands, and Blush agrees. “Employing over 10,000 people and operating in over 400 retail locations worldwide, we are passionate about driving positive change.” says Burberry. Back in 2004, the company established an ethical trade community investment and environmental programs. They then went on to launch a five-year plan in 2012. In the past five years, Burberry has donated more than $30 million to charitable causes, and reduced CO2e emissions by over 50%.

“Acting responsibly and with integrity is in our DNA” This quote, part of Burberry’s mission statement, was inspired by company founder, Thomas Burberry, a person of strong philanthropic principles. Thomas was known for donating to Red Cross and often welcoming those in need into his home. His values seem to serve as the base of the culture of Burberry has today.

In 2018 the company signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, which aims to reduce fashion waste. Soon after, Burberry vowed to stop the burning of old product (originally an effort to stop counterfeiting). They then banned the use of animal fur before the end of 2018. Finally, the company ditched plastic laminations on their bags–saving over 29 tons of plastic.


Going forward in 2019, the company has a commitment to 100% renewable energy (in support of SDG 13 – Climate Action). This also includes eliminating the use of chemicals that are not environmentally friendly. This goes above and beyond the required legal standards. New reports include goals of eliminating non-recyclable plastic by 2025.

Burberry will also start giving shoppers the opportunity to bring in their unwanted hangers to dispose of responsibly. Creative Chief Officer, Riccardo Tisci, has also started to work with Renewable Energy 100. Their global initiative urges businesses to commit to renewable energy. Burberry is leading by example with these new initiatives. They prove that it is never too late to correct a wrong, and that we all must act on making efforts for the future of our planet.